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Digital marketing trends in the near future

Jul 4, 2017

Today, at this rate the world is progressing at a higher acceleration and when we look past the year, there is so much new and more coming up. Businessmen have to keep themselves updated on the new marketing trends to keep up at pace with the other competitors. One step behind can also leave you at the shore with many others catching up. Digital marketing has made a big change in the marketing phase and you require tools to move forward. So here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Artificial Intelligence
AI is the technical intelligence, where monotonous human jobs are done by computer operating systems. Robots and machines are fasting replacing human hands and intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has turned out to be a need for the vast processes that are involved in today's digital marketing.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation is where the use of the software is put into action to automate marketing processes like segmentation of customer data, data integration and managing of campaigns.
Infintor's marketing, sales, and CRM (customer relationship management) solutions are some examples for marketing automation. You can grow with infintor's custom software

Interactive content
People expect interactive session everywhere. Purely passive listening isn't anybody's cup of tea at this stage. So interaction is the key. People like to have quizzes, questionnaire sessions, infographics etc. Augmented reality and virtual reality seem to have hit the right spot for interaction.

Influencer marketing
People tend to look up at people who they see as role models to them or the society and often these are some sort of celebrities. Advertisements done by prominent people increases the brand value and gets more market than those with lesser prominent people. The more influential person you take the more your services reach.

Live streaming
Now social media platforms are using live streaming as a tool to improve their marketing strategies. Most importantly this rise is because cheaper data plans, easy access to the content and also gives the viewer a personal feeling and that of trust. Live streaming can be done in many ways, they can include questionnaires, workshops, launches etc.

Mobile marketing
At the present state, all working sector have smartphones. Smartphones seem to have easy access to all kinds of marketing. It is important to note that SMS marketing and proximity marketing are the key factors to mobile marketing approaches. Mobile Apps are having a growing importance in today's market.

Search Engine Optimisation has been an important part of digital marketing and it's also called "marketing in the modern way". It has also proven to be the most effective method of digital marketing. SEO and digital marketing go hand in hand and more or less the same, though not synonyms.

Web designing trends in 2017

Jul 4, 2017

Are you designer? Are you a client who wants a website? Are you a businessman? Well, its not just the designer who needs to know about the trending website designs, the others need to too. In any case, be it any field, adaptations are a must. There isn't anyone who prefers too stay outdated. People all around the world are looking for new trends and adaptations to customize their digital world for better functioning. Designers are no less. This is year is coming with a lot more new trends to attract your attention.

Virtual reality
Virtual reality helps you get better conception of the idea the website is trying to give you. Moving through and finding your own way through what you want to see is just what every viewer would like to do. imagine a car website, the website allows you to move inside the car, do adjustments, drive and give you the proper feel without any physical movement of the person. Consumes less energy, time and money not wasted. The 2D perspective can give your website huge boost.

Updating responsive designing
Responsive Designing isn't new concept, but it could be used for even better ways than now. Responsive screen is a very flexible design technique where you can see the mobile design, tab design and widescreen design by adjust adjusting the window. Since the smallest designs are made for mobiles as it is everyone's pocket browser, there can be smaller versions or better response upgrades.

Why stock photos? Hire a photographer
Websites are set to have better feedback and credibility when real photographs are replaced with stock photos. Less number of photos, more to-the-point factors and credible photos are going to be a hit.

Larger typography
Bold is the new beautiful. Well yeah, BIG and BOLD typography is what that catches attention. Huge paragraphs or sentences isn't the thing anymore. Keep it simple and small, you make it big and bold, it hits the right button!

No more symmetrical designs
Say buh-bye to all the traditional compositions and formulas of web designing. Asymmetrical designs is in for the eye. Playing around with compositions is the new trend. Why beat around the bush, when everything is on the screen where you can find. You don't need to have order of placement, anything anywhere can be made attractive.

GIF s and animation
A required amount of GIF s can be used to gain viewers attention. To much of anything is a disaster so keep it minimal, use only where necessary. Since GIF s are trending on all other social networking sites why not include them on your websites. Better and cooler ones though!

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