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AI In The Workplace

The world around us is changing day by day, so is the technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics is a common phrase we hear every day. Predictions about how we will work in the coming decades have been discussing from the very first stage of technological development. Research in AI focuses on the development of algorithms and analyzing the behavior with less human intervention.


AI is indeed the most exciting field in robotics. AI and Robots are almost everywhere today. Robot Sophia is the latest and most advanced robots till date and has contributed to the decision makings in insurance, banking, automobile manufacturing, property development, media, and entertainment. Also, Sophia is the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. See how technology has grown! 

According to the researchers, it is assumed that AI will eventually surpass human intelligence within the next decade and will have a positive and significant impact on numerous industries in the future. The most benefiting industry is the Health Care industry which accounts for nearly 46%, Logistics 41%, Customer Services 38%, Banking & Finance 34%, Software Development Industry accounts for 28%.

The technology giants have already made AI  with Amazon launching Alexa for business last year and Google Duplex, AI is growing like anything. Wonder this would take over humans in no time?

AI is shaping our world. The world is moving faster and faster with the application of AI. From iPhone using facial recognition to driverless cars, AI is all around us. According to the latest report by The Forbes, by the end of 2022, AI Technology will be a commonplace and one in five workers will have a machine as a "co-worker".


What Happens In An Organization If AI Comes To Act?

AI is not about replacing people, it's much on focusing skills, optimizing jobs and recreating opportunities for an exciting bunch of work and makes life much simpler than before. It's estimated that by the end of 2030, technology will enhance 60% of jobs and AI will take human jobs in less than 5% of roles.

  • AI changes the Recruitment :Almost all the HR Department of tech giants are using AI-based products to improve the hiring process and fetch the best candidates.  AI can make recruitment easier and quick. It can improve the recruitment process and help with those mundane tasks. Allowing AI to assist you in recruitment can give you the time to focus on the right person at the right time.


  • Improves Employee Experience & Productivity: AI helps to ensure more accuracy in forecasting smart staffing.  Chatbots are developed by integrating AI, machine language which facilitates employees to meet the day-to-day tasks such as answering queries, booking tickets, scheduling meeting, and much more. This means that AI can improve the productivity of employees efficiently and effectively. 


  • Improves Internal Communications :AI improves the communication and interaction within the organization team. It's often hard for teams to focus on because of interruptions, repetitive requests, and more complicated tasks. AI will automatically provide a prompt response to email, SMS, web. It also allows employees who speak different languages to understand each other easily with real-time conversation.


AI and your work will combine well and give you the output with less manual effort!








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