Odoo Digital Signature can help you send, sign, and approve business documents quickly. Sign module helps you save time by allowing you to approve documents online. With Odoo Sign you can go paperless and eco-friendly. You do not need to have a tangible copy of the document, sign it, and then hand it over to the person in charge. You can sign the paper with just a few clicks. For documents such as sale orders, purchase orders, invoices, payslips, procurement receipts, and so on, the Odoo digital signature can be quite useful.

On the dashboard you can see two buttons “Upload A PDF To Sign” and “Upload A PDF Template”.

For uploading a new document, select “Upload a PDF Template”. You can preview the document after clicking this button.

Fields such as Signature, Initials, Name, Email, Phone, Company, Text, Multiline Text, Checkbox, Selection, and Date are all shown. You can drag and drop these fields into your document.

Here the Responsible is set as Customer and there are two options “Add Once” and “Add To All Pages.” If you only want something to appear on one page, click “Add Once,” and if you want it to appear on all pages, click “Add To All Pages.”

You can drag and drop any field wherever you want in your document. You can choose whether or not to make something mandatory, and then “Validate” it.

After you’ve created your document template, click the send button. You can see a preview of the email after pressing the send button.

Enter the name of the customer whose signature is required for the document here. You can enter the document’s subject, as well as the message, and then click the “Send” button to send the email.

When a consumer opens an email, the message will be shown as below.

For signing the document click the “Sign Now” button.

Find the spot on the document to sign, then click on the signature box.

After clicking on the signature box a new window appears to adopt the signature.

There are three options for digital signatures Draw, auto, and load, select any of them based on your preferences. If you choose ‘draw,’ you will be required to draw your signature, and by choosing the ‘auto’ option, the default signature will be displayed. If you choose ‘load,’ you can upload the signature from your computer. The document is signed once you click the “Adopt and Sign” button, and you can see the signature at the signature location.

This is how the Sign module works in Odoo.

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