Approval management is a business process that comprises the coordination of procedures that lead to the official approval of work at various levels of the company. Approvals are crucial business records that are attached to a request by an executive or a group of executives in the Odoo Approval Module.  Expensive purchases should be approved by the responsible person in every organization. This module allows a user or employee to make a product purchase request. The approval requests in the Odoo platform can be customized to meet specific requirements, and operations can be successfully handled and monitored. The Approvals module in Odoo 15 is responsible for obtaining and granting permits for staffing requirements that are specific to the firm.

Opening the Approval Module, the Approval types are visible on the dashboard. A new request can be done by selecting the new request option of the respective approval type.

The approval request can also be sent from the approval types.

Configuration => Approval Types

The approval types can be found under the configuration tab.

You can create a new approval type by clicking the Create Button.

Enter the approval type’s name, description, Approval Type, and the company’s name. This will make it easier for the approver to review and validate the request. The user can assign the executives who should approve the type of request in the approver area. If more than one management must sign off on a particular approval, the employees involved can be specified. Save the approval type after providing the specifics of the required, optional, and none fields to utilize and function on them.

My Approvals => New Request

Choose a new request option from the list of options for the appropriate type.

Fill in the details and description, as well as the names of the approvers who should approve it before the manager does. Approval Subject, Request Owner’s name, Approval Category, Date, From and To Period, Location, Contact, Amount if appropriate, and Reference will be requested of the employee. In the defined area, the products that require approval, description, warehouse, quantity, and unit of measure, must be listed. The user can additionally attach documents that will be used as supporting documentation for the request. After filling in all of the information save and submit the request. The status of the request will be changed from To Submit to Submitted. The request will now be sent to the Approvers, who will decide whether it should be approved, refused, or cancelled.

When a manager logs into the system the manager has access to all approval requests, as well as the desired employee, category, next activity, and status of each request. To see all the approvals go to the Manager tab and select All Approvals.

Manager => All Approvals 

Now choose the request that needs to approve.

The approver can approve, refuse, or cancel the request. When he clicks the Approve button, the status of your request will change from Submitted to Approved, and it will be approved. Similarly, there is an option to refuse or cancel the request.

You can easily withdraw the offered approval by clicking the Withdraw button. This is how you can cancel the request’s approval.

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