Rental management consistently manages rental-related activities at a high level of efficiency to increase earnings. Large corporations might improve their profits by choosing rental enterprises. Odoo 15 Rental module simplifies your rental enterprises, personalize the demands of the suppliers, and enhances your company’s efficiency. By understanding the orders placed and how the pickup and deliveries of an order are completed successfully, a venture capitalist can perform duties fast and efficiently with less time management.

Rental => Products

Open the Products menu to configure a rental product.

Select the create button to create a new product. 

Fill in all of the product’s information and you can also add the product’s image. If the adding product is for rent, you must also select the Can be Rented option.

Under the rental tab, you can add the pricelist rules for the product.

You may add the product’s price by clicking on the Add a price button. In the Reservations section, you can even mention a charge if the consumer is late in paying. At that point, you can offer the price in extra hour and extra day categories. And there’s a Security Time option, where you can set a time restriction, and if the customer misses that deadline, you’ll be charged extra time. After adding the details, select save.

This blog has covered how to use the Rental module to add or configure a new rental product with all of the essential specifications. You can easily add as many products, allowing us to keep track of your business logically.

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