Individuals use Forums to attain thorough information about topics in a course, and it also serves as a current conversation platform. Members of a community assist one another while discussing a variety of topics and quickly determining definitive answers. People that use discussion boards benefit from learning about products, services, and numerous elements.

Configuration => Settings

You may enable the Forum tab on the Odoo eLearning dashboard by going to the Settings menu and selecting it. The Forum option allows you to form a community and assist one another. After enabling you can save it by clicking the Save button. As a result, the Forum tab appears at the top menu.

eLearning => Forum => Forums

Opening the Forums menu you can see information such as Forum Name, Website, Number of Posts, Views, Answers, and Favorites. By clicking on a certain Forum Name, you may see information about that Forum.

New eLearning Forums can be created by clicking the create option.

Enter the Forum Name, Mode as either a single-answer question or a discussion with multiple answers, and Website. There are smart buttons for Posts, Favorites, and Go to Website. By selecting the camera icon, you can also add an image connected to Forum. At the bottom of the window, we can see numerous tabs, including Options, Karma Gains, and Karma Related Rights.

Set the Default Sort to Newest, Last Updated, Most Voted, Relevance, and Answered in the Options tab. Select the Privacy as Public, Signed in, Some Users. Public refers to the fact that the forum is open to the public and Signed refers to that the Signed in people can see the Forum because it is marked with an in. For non-members of chosen groups, the forum and content are concealed, and it appears as Some Users. You can also include a description on the website.

The Karma Gains allows users to assign Karma rewards to students, which are taken into account during course grading. Under the Karma Related Rights, you can set Karma points.

Select the Save button after entering details. The Forum option in the Website window allows the audience to view the created Forum. Select the Go to Website button on your eLearning Forum.

When you select the Forum option, the list of Forums appears.

When you open the forum the New Post button allows the user to ask a new question to the audience. Fill out the Title, Description, and Tags fields in the Website’s New Post window.  

After entering the question’s details, click the Post Your Question option. The newly created question is available on your Forum Website, and anyone on the platform can instantly respond to it.

After clicking the Answer button, a description box appears to enter your response, and then click the Post Answer button.

Back to the eLearning Forums, you can see how many posts, views, and answers your Forum has received.

eLearning => Forum => Posts

Each eLearning Forum Post has a title, forum, number of views, answers, favorite, and status. You can use the Create button to create a new eLearning Forum Post.

Fill in all the details. Select the Add a line option under the Answers title to add answers. To save your eLearning Forum Posts, click the Save button. After selecting the Go to Website button we can see the Forum Posts on the Website. 

eLearning => Reporting => Forum

The Forum reports can be analyzed using the graphical state. By selecting the Measure icon, you can apply various metrics. The chart can be seen in many formats, including Bar, Line, and Pie charts.

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