The process of finding, updating, or removing wrong data (incorrect information) from a database is known as data cleaning. Data cleaning enhances data quality and supports an organization’s decision-making by providing more accurate, consistent, and reliable information. Data cleaning not only removes old data to make room for new data; it is also about figuring out how to increase the correctness of a data set without losing the old data. A data set should be consistent with other similar data sets in the system after cleaning.

The Data Cleaning module allows us to clean duplicates and correct text field entries based on predefined criteria. Cleaning data is critical because if the data is inaccurate, the information gained from it will be as well. Odoo developed its data cleaning module, which eliminates the need for customers to use a third-party solution to clean their Odoo database data.

Data Cleaning Rules

  1. Deduplication
  2. Field Cleaning

Configuration => Deduplication

Deduplication can be used to remove duplicate records with the same information. There are times when a person unintentionally creates several records on different dates. Users are notified of comparable records using deduplication. Deduplication compares two similar records using the rules that have been put up and then informs the user of the similarity. Users can save one record while deleting or archiving the rest.

To create a new rule, click Create option.

Choose the model to use as the foundation for the rule. Domains can be used to identify which types of records can be separated so that just deduplication checks are performed. The merge option can be adjusted to be either manual or automatic. If the manual is selected, the system will notify the user to begin data cleaning by pressing the Deduplicate button. It is possible to set the frequency of alerts. If it is set to automatic the threshold is determined in percentage. If a record is found similar to one that is beyond the threshold, the users will be notified. You can choose whether or not to inform users by adding them to notify users option. Duplicate removal can be configured to either deletion or archive. By selecting Add a line to the rules for duplication, you can add duplicate rules to the list. These rules are based on the conditions and the field.

Select Deduplicate to see if there is a duplicate. Records that are identical to one another will be found by the system. Records with similar data are displayed, and the degree of similarity is shown as a percentage. Users can choose which one they want to maintain, archive, or remove.

Configuration => Field Cleaning

To create a new cleaning rule for the field, click Create.

Select the model on which the rule will be applied. The cleaning process can be done manually or automatically. The interval for reminders can be specified, as well as the user who will be reminded if the setting is set to manual. Reminders will be sent to the user at the specified intervals to remind them to clean the fields and manually scan them. If it is set to automatic, the system will seek for any fields that need to be cleaned and then retrieve and save the data for the user to complete.

To add a new field, select Add Line.

After defining the rules, click Clean to discover the fields that need to be cleaned.

The system will display the field that has to be cleaned, as well as the current and suggested values. By selecting Validate, the user can either correct or eliminate the error.

Cleaning rules allow users to acquire a more accurate view of the data and make better decisions to improve the business performance and help to develop.

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