The Odoo 15 Events module makes the process of planning and creating events easier. Promotion and advertising play an important role in events. By arranging programs/activities, the Events module helps to provide new company opportunities. It contributes to the success of a company’s products and services.

Individuals’ attention might be attracted through the use of event promotion and marketing strategies. It aids in the formation of partnerships with partners, employees, customers, and sponsors.

Configurations => Settings

Opening the Settings menu, activate the Booth management option. Then only you can create Booths and manage their reservation. Under the configuration menu, the booth categories will be added up after activating the Booth management option.

The Events Settings menu contains several additional options, you can manage Events, Registration, and Attendance.

Configuration => Lead Generation

Lead generation is important for acquiring new clients. We can follow up on leads from the list of candidates.

In the lead generation window, you can see the leads list along with their details such as Rule name, Lead creation Type, When, Event Categories, Event, and Company name. Opening a certain Rule name, you may see the full details about it.

A new lead rule can be created by clicking on the create button.

Enter the Rule name, activate the Create option as per attendee or Order, and select when the attendees are created, confirmed, or attended. Select the Events Categories such as Sell Online, Conference, Exhibition, Training, and Sport for any of these Event possibilities. After that, select your company and plan an event. The external link next to the events option provides details about that event. You can match the records with the needs of the attendees. Choose the Record from the drop-down list. The number of records in the chosen template will be displayed. Enter Lead/opportunity as the Lead type. To add Tags and Salesperson, select the Sales team. After entering the details, Save it. The new lead generation rule can be seen among other lead lists in the Lead Generation rule window.

Configuration => Booth Categories

A list of Booth categories is displayed along with their booth name, sponsor, product, and price. The three-dot button at the right end aids in the integration of the Custom field with the existing list. With the current Booth list, you can add Sponsor level or Type.

To create a new Booth Category for your Event, click the Create option.

Enter the name of the Booth Category and upload a picture. In the Booth details option, you may choose the product name and pricing. By clicking on the external link, you can get more information about the product. You can activate the Create Sponsor option it aids in the registration of a new sponsor in the Booth Category. Then select the Sponsor level and type. You can add information about the Booth Category on the Description tab and then save it. The newly created Booth is visible alongside existing lists.

Back to the Events page and choose one of the Events that were already created.

In the Events, open the Booths tab and create a new Booth by clicking the create button.

Name the Booth and select Booth Category. You may view the Product name and pricing that is stated in the Booth Category after selecting the Category. You can choose the Booth stage as available or unavailable and then press the Save button. In the Events, you can see the number of booths.

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