The Odoo Employees module can be used to request an appraisal, which can then be completed using the Appraisal module. Using the Odoo 15 Appraisal module, we can design appraisal procedures to ensure employee performance and also create new appraisals.

The Odoo Employees module allows users to create an appraisal request. Select an employee from the Employees dashboard.

You can request an appraisal by clicking on the Request Appraisal option.

In the Employees window, click the Send by Email option to add an appraisal request. Then, you will be directed to an Appraisal Request window. After filling in the Recipient name, Subject and message, click the Send option.

You can change the employee’s information by clicking the Edit button to see the Employee name, Manager, and Appraisal Date, which is updated automatically when an appraisal is cancelled or completed. The Managers Feedback can be made visible inside the Appraisal tab, and you may publish it for employees by activating it on the right end. After saving and confirming, the status has been changed from To Confirm to Confirmed.

Within the Planned Activities, there is an appraisal form to fill out. By clicking the Done button, you can mark it as completed. Then add your feedback and click the Done button. As a result, the employee’s new appraisal has been confirmed.

Back to the Appraisal dashboard and select the respective employee. Here the appraisal status has been changed to confirmed in the Appraisals window.

Selecting the No Meeting tab, a calendar page appears and you can create a meeting by choosing a certain date. Add a Meeting Subject to the New Event and click the Create button.

You can adjust the meeting time by dragging the event to a specified period on the calendar. Go to the Appraisal dashboard now, and you’ll notice that the meeting has been arranged.

The meeting information can be found inside the Planned Activities and after attending the meeting, go to Planned Activities and select Mark Done.

Now click the Mark as Done button then the appraisal stage is changed from Confirmed to Done.

Through this approach, you can quickly fulfill an appraisal request. You can see the appraisal is indicated as Done for the particular employee in the Appraisal dashboard.

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