Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are used to determine how a service is delivered to customers. It is a promise made by a firm to its clients while providing customer care. SLA policies in customer service operations will help a company earn consumers’ trust by ensuring effective customer service. These policies specify how and to what standard service should be delivered. This will be useful in determining service deadlines in an organization.

These SLAs can be utilized in the module for establishing tickets and helpdesk teams. Odoo will automatically determine the deadline of a ticket based on the specified SLA for that ticket. The user can choose an appropriate policy or create a new one based on the ticket’s category and priority to apply an automatic deadline to the ticket.

Helpdesk => Configuration => SLA Policies

Under the Configuration menu select SLA Policies.

Opening the SLA Policies, you can view the policies that have previously been created in the Helpdesk module. Each policy’s Name and Helpdesk Team, as well as the information on the Minimum Priority, Type, Reach Stage, and time of tickets required to satisfy the policy, is found in the list view.

The Filter option allows you to filter policies based on default variables. You can utilize the Add Custom Filters feature to create new policy filters. The Group By option is used to add new grouping choices.

Create a new SLA Policy by clicking on the create button.

Give the policy a title. The description area can be used to specify the policy’s key goals and objectives.

You can add information about the Helpdesk Team, Minimum Priority, Type, Tags, Customers, and Sales Order Items to the Criteria tab. You can specify the teams who will be allocated to manage the tickets that fall under this policy in the Helpdesk Field. The user can prioritize tasks in Odoo by utilizing stars. By specifying a ticket type in the Type section, you can apply the new SLA just to that ticket type. If you want to apply this SLA to all ticket types, leave the entry blank. Similarly, you can use the Tags to apply the SLA solely to the tags you provide. Odoo will apply this SLA to the tickets submitted by the indicated customers. You can alternatively leave the field blank if you want to assess all tickets equally. The user will be able to apply the SLA to the selected products only if the Sales Order item is defined.

The user can specify a minimum stage for a ticket to reach to apply this SLA. Allowing a certain amount of time for the tickets to reach the above-mentioned stage is conceivable. Odoo will check whether a ticket reached the Reach Stage within the defined time frame based on the date of creation. To meet this SLA, the ticket must arrive at the specified step before the deadline. Otherwise, the SLA for that particular ticket will be listed as failed.

After filling up all of the essential fields, save the new SLA policy. The SLA status of each helpdesk team created may be seen on the dashboard of the Helpdesk module.

You can see the SLAs by selecting the SLA Issues option. The SLA Issues will be 0 if the user is utilized to manage all tickets on time. This is how we set up SLA Policies.

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