All about Appraisals Module in Odoo 16

Employee appraisal, also known as performance appraisal or performance review, is a systematic process used by organizations to assess and evaluate the job performance and contributions of their employees. The primary goals of employee appraisal are to provide feedback, recognize achievements, identify areas for improvement, set goals, and make decisions related to compensation, promotions, and training. Employees may be offered development plans or training opportunities to help them improve their skills and reach their performance goals. Appraisals typically involve two-way communication between the employee and their supervisor or manager.

The Appraisals module in Odoo helps managers manage employee appraisals to track and improve the performance of employees. In the image below, we can see the status of the appraisals of each employee along with their department, date, and manager. Select the department under the Department section on the left side to view the appraisals of employees in that department. Similarly, we can select Status and Company according to our preference.

Appraisals Module in Odoo 16

This module is highly integrated with the Employee module as this enables the details of employees to be automatically accessed in the Appraisals module.

Appraisals application => Configuration menu => Settings => Appraisals section => Appraisal Plans

To configure Employee appraisals in Odoo, various settings enable access and manage different appraisal plans which can be automatically generated. We can specify the period to automatically generate the next appraisal form.

Appraisals Module in Odoo 16
Appraisals application => Configuration menu => Settings => Feedback Templates

The Manager and the employees can fill out different feedback forms which enhances the two-way communication among them. The employee can ask and get feedback about their performance and the manager can share expectations about an employee to be a good performer. Through this, the employees are aware of their improvement areas and the managers can provide appropriate training according to the requirements. We can edit the template by just clicking on it and making the changes.

Appraisals Module in Odoo 16

After making all the necessary changes in the Settings, don’t forget to select the ‘Save’ option to save the changes.

Creating new Appraisal

Click on the ‘New’ option on the Appraisals page to create a new appraisal for your employee and enter the details such as the Employee name, Manager, Appraisal Date, Department, and Company. Once you enter the Employee name, details such as department and company are automatically entered. In the Appraisal tab of the appraisal form, we can view the Employee’s and Manager’s feedback form that is published. After clicking on the ‘Confirm’ button, we can also add new skills of that employee in the ‘Skills’ tab. Additional information can be added in the ‘Private Note’ tab. The various stages of the appraisal are also visible at the top right bar.

Appraisals Module in Odoo 16
Setting Employee Goals

We can also set new goals for that employee to be accomplished by going to the ‘Employee Goals’ smart button just below the stages and adding new goals. Select the ‘Save’ option to save the newly created goal. Once the process is completed, click on ‘Mark as Done’. The Goals form specifies the Goal for the particular employee, Progress, Manager, and also Deadline. In the Description tab, we can also enter the detailed summary of that employee’s goal.

Creating Meetings

Go to the ‘Meetings’ smart button next to the ‘Employee goals’ button in the Appraisals form to create and schedule a meeting with the employee. Select the date and time when you want to schedule the meeting. A pop-up appears with the meeting subject as the appraisal of that employee and click on the ‘Create’ option. You can also share availabilities here.

The other way to create a meeting is by selecting the ‘New’ button.

Now, enter the Meeting details such as Starting at, Ending at, Duration, All Day or not, Organizer, Description, Reminders, Location, URL for the video call, and Tags. You can also select the method for notifying the meeting to concerned employee either by SMS or E-Mail.

Appraisal Analysis
Appraisals Application => Reporting menu => Appraisal Analysis

Here, we can view all the appraisals in a Gantt bar by default which can be changed to different types of views such as Calender, Graph, or Pivot. We can also select the ‘Day’, ‘Week’, ‘Month’, and ‘Year’ options to view the appraisals in a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly format.

Appraisals Module in Odoo 16
Appraisal Skills Report
Appraisals Module in Odoo 16
Appraisals Application => Reporting menu => Skills Evolution

This report provides the details of the skills the employee improved on, skill type, previous skill level, previous skill progress, current skill level, current skill progress, and justification. Thus, it helps the managers to evaluate the impact of an appraisal on the skillset of an employee that is, before and after the appraisal.

Evaluation Scale
Appraisals Application => Configuration menu => Evaluation Scale

Here, we can add the different possible employee evaluation outcomes to be used for evaluating employee performance. To create a new evaluation scale, click on the ‘New’ button and ‘Save’ the new evaluation scale.


In the Surveys option, we can create different surveys for gathering information from our employees through questionnaires.

Appraisals Application => Configuration menu => Surveys

If you want to create a new Survey, click on the ‘New’ button.

Here, give a title for your survey, add the responsible person, and add the questions you want to include in your survey. For that, click on the ‘Add a question’ option in the ‘Questions’ tab of the survey form. The form also provides details such as pagination, method of progress display, question selection, access mode, require login or not, back button or not, survey time limit, scoring, certification or not, session code, session link, and whether to give quick answers or not by going to the ‘Options’ tab of the form. In the Description tab, you can type additional information about the survey. You can also give an end note for your survey in the ‘End Message’ tab.

Adding Questions to the Survey form

Here, we can type the questions, specify the question type, and add choices to be selected as the answer for that specific question by uploading images.

In the ‘Options’ tab of the question page, we can specify the format of the form such as whether to show a comments field or not, whether the answer is mandatory or not, conditional display or not, and whether there is any question time limit. After entering the required details of that question, click on the ‘Save and Close’ button. Similarly, we can add several questions and sections to our survey.

After completing the survey form, click on the ‘Share’ button to send an invitation for the participants to attend the survey. We can also create live sessions for attending the survey by selecting the ‘Create Live Sessions’ option next to the ‘Share’ option.

Hope you are all set with the Appraisals module in Odoo 16 and there is nothing left to be included in the article.

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