Automate the transferring of products in batches

Products Batch Management in Odoo allows for streamlined transportation. Whether products serve various purposes or come from multiple orders by the same customer, they can be efficiently grouped into a single batch. This optimization is particularly beneficial when deliveries share the same location, enhancing the overall efficiency of your logistics process.

Odoo can automatically manage the transportation or movement of products in batches based on four options.

=> Based on the destination country: When the products are moved to the same destination

=> Based on contact: When the products are delivered or moved to the same person

=> Based on source: When the products are to be transferred from the same location or source.

=> Based on the carrier: When the products are to be delivered, handled, or moved by the same person.

Go to Inventory module => Configuration => Settings  

Select Batch Transfers and save the settings.

Products Batch Management in Odoo

For instance, let’s specify the types of batch transfers that should be enabled for delivering products ordered by customers in the same location and for delivering products ordered by the same customer in multiple orders during that period of delivery.

Inventory => Configuration => Operation Types

Products Batch Management in Odoo

Select Delivery orders to automate batch transfers in delivery orders based on the same customer and based on the same delivery location.

Products Batch Management in Odoo

Now select the Automatic Batches option under the Batch transfers to further automate the process based on contacts, destination country, source, and/or carrier. For delivery orders, we can automate batch transfers based on contact and destination country.

Products Batch Management in Odoo

We can create a quotation to see how Odoo manages the process automatically. Go to the sales module and create a new quotation for a customer and then save and confirm the order.

The same customer, say Amigo Pedro orders another product which is a cable management box in another quotation. To confirm the order click on the confirm button.

Now that two orders are placed by the same customer who is in the same location. We can check whether the above two orders placed are in the same batch by going to the Inventory module => Operations menu => Batch Transfers.

Thus the two orders placed are grouped in the same batch as both the cabinet with doors and the cable management box are ordered by the same customer.

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