Benefits of using Documents Module in Odoo-15

The Documents Module in Odoo-15 module has all of the capabilities and benefits that today’s digital documentation demands, and the features and benefits will help you organize every part of the documentation. The main goal is to provide a single point of access to all of your documents, allowing you to digitally save and complete more tasks in less time. Every file can be easily tracked, and it improves security.

Document Management

When looking for a file at work, the classification and categorization of each document in an organized manner will minimize our workload. There is a possibility of missing papers if we do not pay strict attention to document maintenance. The demand for the systematic organizing of confidential data was considerably reduced with the emergence of digital documentation. Odoo provides us with the most options for centralizing all of our documents, organizing them effectively, and providing quick access to information whenever we need it.

To avoid losing data or misplacing files, all documents are saved in a centralized database. Individual files can be used to save videos, URLs, images, and documents. The centralization option simplifies the process of specifying multiple file centralization choices depending on various business functions. This method aids users in categorizing files and placing them in the accessible workspaces of the corporate database.

Documents Access Request

In Odoo, only those who need access to the data can be granted permission to the documents. You can manage requests for access to crucial documents. Not every file for every member of a team or organization should be generated. Employees on a shared job can request access to files from one another, and you can approve the request if you’re willing to share your information.

Reduces Missing Documents

The Odoo Document module’s systematic approach helps you avoid looking for critical documents that have gone lost or have been misplaced. As a result, more time will be saved and productivity will rise. Odoo’s highlighting tool, sorting choices, will assist you in avoiding data loss.

Documents Security

Private information must be protected from unauthorized users in any organization. Corporate secrets, product specifics, financial estimates, and business strategy should not be shared with outsiders. Paper files are more difficult to keep safe and are more likely to go missing. Digital storage ensures secure off-site backups and can be accessed from any place with a system. The Odoo document management solution protects and secures data by preventing unauthorized access to documents.

Integrated with other modules

The Odoo document module is linked with other modules. To generate new tasks from documents, this module can be used in conjunction with project management. The electronic signature module will guide you through the process of signing documents.  Sales, Invoices, Accounting, Sign, Planning, Project, PLM, and a variety of other modules may all be easily integrated. You can simply track the versions of plans and worksheets using PLM using this feature.

Smoothens your workflow

A company’s document flow should be arranged in such a way that it may considerably improve business operations and efficiency. The module provides users with a single point of access to all documents and will be quite useful. The Odoo document module may improve document retrieval performance by storing documents in a centralized database. Odoo’s sorting and grouping capabilities will provide you with rapid access to the documents you need. At any time during the approval process, an employee or manager may be able to identify a file. You can use the default and custom filter settings to make document searching easier. Users can also add specific tags to their documents to help with data layout and retrieval, as well as document structure. It has a locking feature that allows you to hide a document from other users, prohibiting access to confidential information without the owner’s authorization.

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