Bill Splitting in Odoo 16 Point of Sale (POS)

Odoo 16’s Point of Sale (POS) empowers businesses to monitor sales, handle inventory, and process payments. Within this system, bills play a pivotal role, aiding in sales tracking, payment processing, and providing customers with receipts for their purchases. Efficiently managing payments through bills minimizes the risk of errors, such as charging the wrong customer or an incorrect amount.

Bill splitting is a valuable functionality that enhances the versatility of your Odoo 16 Point of Sale system. There are numerous scenarios where bill splitting becomes essential. For instance, when a group of friends or family members wishes to split the cost of a meal, this feature ensures that each individual pays only for their respective orders. In online stores, a customer might want to pay for an order using a combination of credit cards, cash, or other payment methods. Bill splitting enables the customer to conveniently use multiple payment methods to settle the order.

Point of Sale => Configuration => Settings

You can access this feature by configuring the “Allow bill splitting” option in the settings of Odoo 16’s PoS module.

Bill Splitting in Odoo 16

Enabling bill splitting in Odoo provides you with the capability to divide either the entire order amount or individual order lines. Once you’ve activated this feature, proceed to your POS session to see how it functions.

Let’s create an order.

Bill Splitting in Odoo 16

You can find a “Split” button on the user dial. Clicking on this button will open a window that allows you to split your bills.

Bill Splitting in Odoo 16

From here you can select the quantities you wish to pay by simply clicking on them. Then click on the payment button and validate.

Once the partial payment is completed, you can generate a bill for the outstanding amount. To review the remaining quantities, you can click on the orders and view the details.

Opening the ongoing order, the customer has the option to settle the remaining amount. This flexibility allows the customer to split the payment while handling the bills.

Get started with Odoo 16 POS bill splitting today, and pave the way for smoother, more flexible transactions that benefit both your business and your valued customers. If you have any questions or need further guidance on utilizing this feature, feel free to reach out. Happy billing!

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