Bills of Materials in Odoo

The manufacturing process often involves a significant number of components or raw materials. It’s common for the production of a single product to require multiple components, or for different products or product variants to be manufactured using the same components.

In Odoo, the Bill of Materials (BoM) is used to define the materials or components needed to manufacture a finished product.

Here are the steps to create a Bill of Materials in Odoo: Open the Manufacturing app and select the Bill of Materials under the products menu.

Products => Bills of Materials
Bills of Materials in Odoo

Here a few bills of materials created can be seen. To create new bills of materials click on the New button.

Creating new Bills of Materials in Odoo
Bills of Materials in Odoo

To create a BoM, start by entering the name of the product you wish to manufacture and if your BoM is only for one variant of the product then specify the Product variant. You can add multiple variants for each component.

Next, specify the quantity of the product that needs to be manufactured. There are three BoM types available: “Manufacture this product,” “Kit,” or “Subcontracting.”

Selecting the Manufacture option, the product is set to manufacturing. With the Kit option, a product can be divided into its fundamental components either during the creation of a manufacturing order or at the creation of a stock transfer. The subcontracting option allows choosing the subcontractors. The subcontracting Option is enabled from the settings tab to avail of subcontracting.

In the Components tab, add the products or materials required to manufacture the final product. You can add the quantity, unit of measure, and other details for each component.

Adding operations

If you want to add a work center or routing for the manufacturing process, go to the Operations tab and add the details. You can either create a new line or copy from existing operations for adding Operations.

Adding Operations
Bills of Materials in Odoo

When you click on Add a Line option, a new window appears to create operations.

Creating operations in BOM
Bills of Materials in Odoo

To define an operation, specify its name and select the work center where you want the product to be assembled or manufactured. This can be applied to variants as well. You have the option to set the duration to automatic, which computes based on the tracked time, or set it manually. Additionally, you can upload the WorkSheet in three formats: PDF, Google Slide, and Text. Finally, click on the Save and Close button to save the operation.

When you click on the copy existing operations a list of operations will be displayed.


To copy operations, select the appropriate ones and click on “Copy selected operations.” The copied operations will then be automatically added to the Operation section.

Additionally, in the Miscellaneous tab, you can define when to begin the manufacturing process.

Bills of Materials

You have two options available to define manufacturing readiness. Choose one of the given options, then select the operation and analytic account from the drop-down menus. There are three options for policies for flexible consumption. Save the details.

Once you have created a BoM, you can use it to create manufacturing orders and track the progress of the manufacturing process. You can also modify or update the BoM as required.

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