Blanket Orders in Odoo

Blanket orders in Odoo are the long-term agreement between a company and a vendor with a predetermined pricing. Blanket orders are salutary for a company as it will enable to purchase an order at a fixed agreed pricing, regardless of the actual price of that product. This feature is salutary if a company is ordering specific products from a specific vendor constantly.

To create a blanket order, we have to enable the purchase agreement in the settings of the configuration menu.

Creation of a blanket order

Under the orders menu, click blanket orders either for viewing the existing orders or for creating a new blanket order.

Click on new for creating one blanket order.

On this page, we have to add the below-mentioned details.

> Purchase representative: It is a person associated with the specific blanket order.

> Agreement type: It is the type of purchase agreement. In Odoo, there is only one purchase agreement.

> Vendor: It is the supplier with whom we are going to create an agreement.

> Currency: The currency that will be for exchange during purchase.

> Agreement deadline: The date on which the purchase agreement will expire.

> Ordering date: It is the date on which blanket order has been placed. If mentioned on blanket order, this date will automatically be populated on order deadline of new RFQ.

> Delivery date: It is the expected date on which the products added to the RFQ is expected to arrive. If mentioned on a blanket order, it will automatically be populated on the expected arrival of a new RFQ.

> Source Document: It is the source purchase order this blanket order will be tied to.

> Operation type: The type of operation can be a receipt, internal transfer, manufacturing, delivery. As purchasing order is reception, by default receipt would be added.

By clicking on add a line, we can mention the products we would like to purchase on a frequent basis under the products column. If desired, we can change the quantity as well as the unit price.

Purchase Agreement Settings

We can change the default purchase agreement settings of blanket order directly from blanket order form by clicking on the blanket order of agreement type field.

This page will appear and here we can edit the blanket order settings.

Agreement Type
Agreement selection type

> Select only one RFQ (exclusive): Only one purchase order is allowed. If a purchase order is confirmed, all the remaining purchase orders will be canceled.

> Select multiple RFQ (non-exclusive):  Multiple purchase orders are allowed. If a purchase order is confirmed, the remaining will not be canceled.

Data For New Quotation

> Use lines of agreement: The product lines will be automatically populated on RFQ with the same products listed in the blanket orders.

> Do not create RFQ lines automatically: The product lines on blanket orders will not be populated when creating a new RFQ.


> Use quantities of agreement: The quantities of products added will be pre-populated on the product line of new RFQ.

> Set quantities manually: When creating an RFQ the quantities will not be pre-populated, instead we have to set it manually.

Creating an RFQ from blanket order

After confirming the blanket order, by clicking on new quotation, we can create new RFQs on which all data’s will be pre-populated based on what we have added on blanket order.

All the details will be pre-populated based on the purchase agreement settings. From this new RFQ, we can either send by email to the vendor or print RFQ to generate a printable PDF. By clicking on confirm order, we can confirm the purchase order.

As shown below, a smart button at the top right corner called RFQs/orders will show the orders created under this specific blanket order.

The value of the ordered quantities in the blanket order form will be increased every time we purchase the order.

Blanket orders feature in Odoo will simplify the process of purchasing an order with an option of choosing a purchase agreement field, the whole details will be automatically added thereby reducing the complexity and time.

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