Compensation For Occupational Injuries

Employees who suffer injuries or illnesses at work or as a result of their employment are provided Compensation For Occupational Injuries under workers’ compensation. It functions as a worker’s disability insurance scheme, offering monetary compensation, health care benefits, or both, to employees who get ill or injured due to their jobs.

Here, the workers’ rights are upheld even if they suffer a disability or pass away due to an accident at work.

The main goal is to ensure that workers can maintain their quality of life even after suffering an injury related to their field of work.

When a worker suffers from any occupational diseases or work-related injuries the employer must immediately inform the police, the labour department, or the regional office under the jurisdiction of the place of business is located. Then police conduct the necessary investigation and compile a report with statements from witnesses, the employer, and the injured person. The report must specifically state whether the accident was work-related, premeditated, or due to a worker’s misconduct. The police must give the employer and the labour department two copies of the report after the investigation is finished.

The expense of the employee’s care at a public or private local medical facility until his recovery or until it is determined that he is disabled must be covered by the employer when the employee suffers a work-related injury or occupational sickness. Additionally, the employer is responsible for covering the expense of any transportation needed for the worker’s treatment.

The majority of firms in the UAE have workers’ compensation insurance that covers all employees.

What happens if the employee is permanently disabled?

The employer must give them a financial allowance equal to their full wage for the duration of their treatment, or a period of six months. If treatment continues for more than six months, the allowance will be cut in half for a further six months, or until the worker is fully recovered, is deemed disabled, or passes away, whichever happens first.

Who receives the compensation?

The employee’s family members are entitled to an indemnity equal to the employee’s basic pay for 24 months if the employee passes away as a result of a workplace accident or occupational disease. They are compensation and this amount does not fall below 18,000 Dirhams nor exceed 35,000 dirhams.

The amount of indemnity will be determined based on the employee’s final paycheck received before passing away. The compensation will be divided among the dependents of the deceased employee.

When is an employer not liable for paying compensation?

If the competent authorities have determined that the employee intentionally injured himself with the intent to commit suicide or to obtain indemnity or sick leave or for any other reason, or if the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident, neither the injured employee nor the members of his family shall be entitled to an indemnity in respect of injury or disability.

What happens if there is a dispute over a worker’s physical fitness?

If a dispute arises regarding the extent of an employee’s physical fitness for work, the injury, treatment, severity of the disability, or other relevant factors must be forwarded to the competent Labor Department by the Minister of Health. The Ministry of Health shall establish a board with three government physicians to assess the employee’s level of medical fitness for employment, the severity of his disability, and any other issues relating to the injury or medical care. The board may consult with any specialists if necessary. The board’s decision will be final. The report is submitted to the labour department so they can take the necessary steps for its execution.

This blog is based on UAE Federal Law no.8 of 1980