Configure Approval Types for Requests in Odoo16

The Odoo 16 Approvals Module represents an exclusive software solution designed to efficiently handle all approval processes within an organization or company. This application boasts a user-friendly and sleek interface that simplifies the management of employee approval requests. Managers and employees alike can utilize this unified platform to enhance the speed and effectiveness of approval management.

This platform empowers users, including non-managers, to designate request approvers and grant various types of approvals. It streamlines the submission and handling of requests related to trips, office supplies, and payments. The application’s dashboard provides a clear overview of approval statuses and rejections, while a configurable feature enables easy customization of approval types. Managers also have the option to request additional details from staff members before granting approvals.

The module offers a range of configuration functionalities crucial for a comprehensive approval management system, including “Approval Types,” “Products,” and “Product Variants.”

Approvals => Configuration => Approval Types
Requests in Odoo 16

Upon accessing the “Approval Types” menu all approval types are shown in a list format, categorized by their Names and associated Companies.

Requests in Odoo 16

To create a new approval type, simply click the “NEW” button.

Requests in Odoo 16

Within the approval types form, you have the option to designate a suitable name for the approval type in the “Approval Type” section, and you can provide any relevant description in the “Description” field. Additionally, specify which documents should be generated once the request has received approval by selecting an approval type from the “Approval Type” dropdown menu. If you enable the “Automated Sequence” option, the system will automatically generate an approval request name based on the provided code.

This form also includes an “Option” tab, which allows you to configure the “FIELDS” and “APPROVERS” associated with the document. If you wish to establish a specific order for approvers to grant approvals, you can activate the “Approvers Sequence” option. Furthermore, you can specify the minimum number of required approvals in the “Minimum Approval” section. Once you have completed this process, it is essential to save the details. Consequently, your approval types data will be stored and incorporated into the “Approval Types” dashboard.

Requests in Odoo 16

All the approval types that have been created will be visible on the dashboard, and employees will have the ability to initiate new requests using these approval types directly from the ‘Dashboard’ page.

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