Contracts and Services Analysis in Odoo 15 Fleet Management

Contracts and Services Analysis in Odoo 15 Fleet Management- Fleet management is defined as the management of commercial vehicles for the benefit of a company or a business. It aids in increasing capacity, efficiency, maintenance scheduling, fuel exchange import, and fleet performance estimation through reports and diagrams, lowering total transportation and employee expenses. The Odoo Fleet Management module generates revenue for a company and eliminates concerns about fleet operations. The Odoo Fleet Management module covers allocation, tracking, registration, repairs, services, and statuses.

The main dashboard shows the vehicles in various stages. Here you can see all of the vehicle’s details, and you may add more stages by clicking the Add a Column option. You can use the Kanban, List, and Pivot modes to view the page and the Create button allows for the creation of a new vehicle model. By clicking the plus symbol next to each stage, you may add a new title.

Odoo 15 Fleet Management

Fleet => Contracts

Opening the contracts menu the Contract Name, Start Date, Expiration Date, vehicle, Vendor, Driver, and their Status can be seen. New contracts can be created by clicking on the create option and filling in all the details.

Contracts in Odoo15 Fleet

Selecting a specific contract title the detailed view can be seen.

Contracts in fleet

The details about the Contract information, Vehicle information, Invoice Date, and Included Services are available. By clicking the Edit button in Contract, changes can be made, and the stages of a vehicle are also displayed at the top. You can save it after making the adjustments. The Close Contract option aids in the completion of the Contract.

Kanban View

Contract details of existing vehicles are displayed in the Kanban view. You may see the contract’s start and end dates, as well as if it is in Progress, Incoming, Closed, or Expired state.

Contracts in Fleet

Graph View

You can view the graph in Bar, Line, or Pie chart. On the graphical view, the contracts for each vehicle are displayed in solid colors. The cost can be observed by clicking on a specific color of each vehicle.

Odoo 15 Fleet reporting

Pivot view
Odoo 15 Fleet reports Contracts and Services Analysis in Odoo 15

Using the Measures, various options can be enabled in the Pivot view, which displays the total Count of each car in a certain year. The Insert in Spreadsheet button helps you add the Spreadsheet to your Pivot sheet.

Activity View
Odoo 15 Fleet Contracts and Services Analysis in Odoo 15

The Activity button allows you to create a new activity for the vehicle Contract. Email, Call, Reminder, and Meeting can all be used to create an Activity type. You can also establish a Contract revenue date, Reconciliation request, To Do, Upload document, and request signature.

Fleet => Services
Services in Odoo 15 Fleet Contracts and Services Analysis in Odoo 15

The services Date, Service type, Vehicles name, Drivers, Vendors, their notes, Cost, and the Processing Stage is all displayed. You can see detailed information about the vehicles by clicking on a particular Service.

Services in Odoo 15 Fleet Contracts and Services Analysis in Odoo 15

A new Service can be created by clicking on Create button.

Creating Services in Odoo 15 Fleet

You can fill in the details for the Description, Vehicle, Service Type, Date, Cost, Driver, and Vendor. In the Notes area, customers can enter extra details about the Service. Save the details. Now, the newly created Service is visible in the Services window.

This is how contracts and services are managed in Fleet module.

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