Convert Opportunity to Sales Quotation in Odoo 16

Sending a formal sales quotation to the customer demonstrates a commitment to meeting their needs and requirements. It encourages the customer to consider your offer seriously and can be an important step in the negotiation and decision-making process. By converting an opportunity into a sales quotation, you create a formal record of the potential sale, a process seamlessly managed through the Odoo 16 CRM module. This documentation helps your sales team keep track of all interactions and negotiations with the customer. It provides a historical record of how the sale progressed and what terms were offered. CRM systems often provide templates for sales quotations, which can help standardize the presentation of offers to customers. This ensures that all quotations are consistent in format and content, reflecting positively on your company’s professionalism.

In the Odoo 16 CRM module, converting an opportunity simplifies the process of creating a quotation for the customer. Instead of manually re-entering customer details and product or service information, the CRM system can automatically populate this information, reducing the risk of errors and saving time. Let’s see how!

Odoo 16 CRM module

Imagine that we have created a lead in the sales pipeline of the CRM application. The lead progresses to the next stage which is opportunity. We have to create a sales quotation for that opportunity. The module helps us directly create a sales quotation without going to the sales application to create a new quotation and entering all the details of the opportunity once again. It thus saves time and effort.

Select a lead from the CRM dashboard to whom you want to send a quotation.

Odoo 16 CRM module

The ‘New Quotation’ option at the top-left corner of the selected opportunity allows us to create a new sales quotation for the selected opportunity.

Odoo 16 CRM module

A pop-up window appears where you can specify whether to create the opportunity as a new customer or link to an existing customer or not. After selecting the required option, click on the ‘Confirm’ button.

Odoo 16 CRM module

Now, we can see that a new quotation for the selected opportunity is created along with all the details such as Customer, Invoice address, Delivery address, Expiration, Pricelist, Quotation template which are already pre-specified and configured in the system. We don’t need to re-enter all the details in the quotation which is a huge time-saving process. We can also make changes in the details of the quotation if we want to.

Select the ‘Send By Email’ option to send the quotation to the customer via e-mail.

Odoo 16 CRM module

We can view the preview of the email template of the quotation before sending it. Click on the ‘Send’ option after editing the mail accordingly. After sending the quotation mail to the customer, we can see that the status of the quotation is changed from ‘Quotation’ to ‘Quotation Sent’.

On ‘Confirming’ the quotation, a ‘Sales order’ is created and the status will be changed from ‘Quotation Sent’ to ‘Sales Order’. We can also see that the delivery order is also created for the same.

The CRM module in Odoo also provides a feature to view all the quotations created from the CRM application.

CRM application => Sales menu => My Quotations.

By selecting the ‘My Quotations’ option from the ‘Sales’ menu, we can view all details such as the Sales order number, Creation date, Customer, Salesperson, Activities, Company, Status, and Total.

This is how easily Odoo simplifies your business operations. You can manage the customer and the sales process effectively through the CRM module in Odoo. With Infintor Solutions, your trusted Odoo ERP Partners, uncover streamlining business processes to maximize productivity.

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