Cost estimation on a project in Odoo

Using the Project & Timesheets you can estimate the cost on a quotation based on the number of hours worked and the materials used for a project.

Following the client’s approval of the project, detailed plans are established, and workers proceed with executing the plans. Subsequently, invoices are generated based on the cost of materials and the number of workdays.

From Sales create a project, for that first configure the service products to create a project for sales.

Sales => Products
Cost estimation in Odoo

Create a service-based product and configure the invoicing policy based on timesheets. When creating an order, select “project and task” as options and set the unit of measure to hours. Upon confirmation of the sales order, Odoo will generate a new project and task, using the sales order number as the project name.

Project creation through sale order

First, let’s create a project quotation. Upon confirmation of the sales order, a new project and task will be automatically generated.

Cost estimation in Odoo

By accessing the “Projects” smart button, you can view the newly created project which displays the project name along with the sales order number.

Cost estimation in Odoo

You can view the task name and associated project by accessing the “Task” smart button. Additionally, you can assign workers to the task by filling in the assignee field, enabling them to access the task.

Cost estimation in Odoo

To keep track of the time spent on the task by each employee, you can utilize the timesheets feature. By clicking on add a line you can select the employees and record their time spent on the task.

You have the option to assign an hourly rate for every employee by accessing their employee profile and navigating to the HR Settings section where you can input their Hourly cost.

Cost estimation in Odoo

To carry out this project, specific materials are necessary, which can be purchased from the purchase module.

Purchase order

Create a purchase order

Cost estimation in Odoo

Include the required products and their respective quantities, and select the corresponding analytic account which is the sale order number. By selecting the appropriate analytic account, the purchased products will be linked to the sale order, enabling us to determine the total project cost.

After confirming the Purchase Order, receiving the products, and validating, proceed to create the bill. Upon confirmation of the bill, the purchased products will be integrated into the relevant sale order.

Similarly, you can log the timesheet, and all the recorded hours will be displayed on the smart button.

Finally, you can create an invoice and register the payment.

All information can be accessed in the Analytic accounts.

Accounting => Configuration => Analytic Accounts

By accessing the account, you can obtain information about the project sale order, purchase order, vendor bills, customer invoice, and gross margin.

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