Create and Manage Time Off types for your Employees with Odoo 16

Breaks from work can spark creativity and innovation. Stepping away from daily tasks allows individuals to gain fresh perspectives, generate new ideas, and approach challenges differently. Offering time off as part of a benefits package can improve employee retention. When employees feel that their well-being is valued, they are more likely to stay with their current employer. A healthy work-life balance is essential for achieving overall well-being. Time off helps employees balance their professional and personal lives, reducing the negative impact of excessive work on family and personal relationships. It is therefore necessary to have an effective system for managing the time off of our employees as part of the HR practices.

Time Off Dashboard

Odoo provides a ‘Time Off’ application to efficiently manage the process of leave requests, time off, and approvals of these requests from different levels of management as per the company structure.

Time Off in Odoo 16

Go to the ‘Time Off’ application. In the ‘Configuration’ menu, select the ‘Time Off Types’ option.

Time Off in Odoo 16

Here, we can create a new Time off type by clicking on the ‘New’ button. We can also use filters, and group time off types according to our convenience.

Time Off in Odoo 16

The Time off type page contains mainly four sections such as ‘Time off requests’, ‘Allocation requests, ‘Payroll’, and ‘Display’.

The Time off requests section contains Approval where we can specify whether there is no validation required for approval, validation from the Time off officer, validation from the employee’s approver, or from both the time off officer and employee’s approver. The other fields include Responsible time off officer, Take time off in, Deduct extra hours, Allow to attach supporting documents, Kind of time off, and Company.

In the Allocation Requests section, we can specify whether allocation is required or not, whether the employee can request time off for extra days or not, and whether it is to be validated by the Time off officer or not.

The Payroll section specifies the work entry type. Examples of some work entry types are Generic time off, sick time off, paid time off, compensation time off, and so on. The display section provides the feature of selecting images and colors to be displayed in the Time off type.

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