Creating Notes and Scheduling Activities in Odoo 15

A note is a flow of information and is one of the most important part of office management. In today’s world, people forget a lot of things, and Notes serve as a useful reminder. The Odoo platform includes a useful Note module that allows users to write notes, meeting minutes, and other company procedures. The Odoo platform makes it simple to Creating Notes and Scheduling Activities in Odoo 15 and securely store data. Apart from that, the Odoo Note Module sends out notifications to persons about certain tasks or occurrences. It helps to promote activity quickly and serves as a reminder for employees, customers, and the company.

Creating Notes and Scheduling Activities in Odoo 15

When we open the Notes module, we can see various stages of Notes operations. The Filters and Group by options help in the sorting and searching of notes. The Notes menu is also visible in Kanban, List, and Activity Views.

To create a New Note

The Create option in the Notes module helps in the creation of a new note.

Creating Notes in Odoo 15

You can define the content and can edit the text, change the format, and apply colour to it. We may also change the Font Size, add Toggle Checklist, insert or edit links. You can add the Tags on corresponding notes. The stages of Notes are described as New, Meeting Minutes, Notes, and Todo, and the stages of Notes can be changed. After you’ve made the necessary adjustments, click the Save button to save the record.

When you type “/” you can see various commands.

Creating Notes in Odoo 15
Add a Button

Under the Navigation section we can see an Add a button option and by selecting you will be directed to define the Link label, URL, or Email id.

Notes in Odoo 15

By selecting the primary and secondary options, the size and style of this section may be customized, and a preview of the section can be seen. You can save it after filling in the details.

The + icon next to New Stage can also be used to create a new note.

Creating Notes in Odoo 15

You can add the title and when you click the Add option this note will appear in the new stage and the edit option allows you to check the title’s corrections.

To Schedule an Activity

We can schedule activities for each Note by clicking on the Schedule an Activity option.

Scheduling Activities in Odoo 15
Scheduling Activities

Select the Activity Type, Due Date, Summary, Assigned to, and the description of this activity can be defined under the area provided. Clicking the Schedule button, the activity will be scheduled. When you choose the activity type as Call or Meetings, a calendar view appears and by opening it you can see the meetings scheduled.

Creating Notes and Scheduling Activities

The planned activity and the due date can be seen. The + sign helps us to add quick notes to each stage. You can schedule an activity in different ways, either by opening the notes and scheduling the activity or there is an Activity icon available on the right side of the Notes dashboard.

Scheduling Activities Creating Notes and Scheduling Activities in Odoo 15

You can see the planned activity which is highlighted. By clicking on the Plus icon under each section, we may also schedule Emails, Calls, Meetings, Reconciliation requests, To Do, Reminders, Upload Documents, and Request Signatures. You can get a more complete view of the note by opening the Note title. By clicking the schedule activity you can select the notes to which the activities can be scheduled.

List View
Creating Notes and Scheduling Activities

The list view shows Note Summary, Active state, Stage, Tags, and the Next Activity. By clicking on a specific title under Note Summary, you can edit the Note.

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