Delivery Methods & its Criteria

Odoo offers several shipping methods to help businesses manage their shipping needs efficiently. These methods can be configured and customized according to the specific requirements of the business.

You can maintain records and manage the transportation methods used by your company to ship products to customers. By delivering products on time, without damage, and at a reasonable cost, you can create a positive impression on your customers. You have the option to deliver products directly to customers or engage third-party shipping companies.

Sales => Configuration => Settings

To activate the shipping feature in Odoo 16, you can access the Sales module’s Settings menu and activate Delivery methods.

Configuration => Shipping Methods

You can find the list of shipping methods already configured on this platform. To create a new shipping method for product deliveries, simply click on the Create Button.

Delivery methods

Enter the name of the Shipping Method. To make this shipping option available on your eCommerce site, you need to specify the Website ID. The Provider field allows you to choose appropriate shipping providers for your deliveries. Once you have selected the Provider, you can specify the Company and Delivery Product in the respective fields. The percentage entered in the Margin on Rate field will be added to the shipping cost.

If you want to offer free shipping for orders exceeding the value specified in the Amount field, you can activate the “Free if order amount is above” option.

The available tabs in this window will vary depending on the Provider you select. If the shipping method provider is based on rules, you can add these rules under the Pricing tab.

Delivery methods

If you choose a specific shipping method provider such as DHL, FedEx, or any other, the tabs and menus for adding shipping details will be unique and vary based on the selected provider.

Under the Destination Availability tab, you can specify the locations where this shipping method is available.

Delivery methods

Create a Sale Order

Once a sales order has been confirmed, you can select the shipping method for the delivery by clicking on the Add Shipping.

Choose the desired shipping method and a message will appear, then click on the “Add” button.

The sale order will now include the delivery charges.

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