Discount & Loyalty in Odoo

Odoo provides several features and modules that can be used to implement discounts and loyalty programs. Rewards for customer loyalty and promotion programs serve as effective customer retention strategies. These programs incentivize customers to continue purchasing products or services from your business. With Odoo‘s Loyalty and Promotion Programs, you can effortlessly implement these programs for your own business.


To begin, access the Sales module and open the Discounts & Loyalty menu under the Products section.

Discount & Loyalty in Odoo

Discount & Loyalty

Here you can see some programs that are created.

Discount & Loyalty in Odoo

Loyalty Card

Opening the loyalty card and there you will find pre-configured options such as Program name, program type, currency, reward & rules. You have the flexibility to edit this information and even include additional details like validity, usage limit, points unit, and more, as displayed in the form view.

Discount & Loyalty in Odoo

You can edit both the rules and rewards. By clicking on a specific rule, you can make changes to it. Additionally, you can add a new rule by clicking on the Add button, which will open a new popup where you can define the details of the new rule.

Conditional rules
Discount & Loyalty in Odoo

In this section, you can input various data fields such as Minimum Quantity, Minimum Purchase, Products, Categories, and more, to create a new rule. Similarly, if you wish to modify a specific rule, you can select it and make the necessary edits by adjusting the relevant fields.


Here you can create rewards based on different reward types.

Using this method, you can create multiple programs based on the program type and establish rules and rewards accordingly. This allows you to customize a variety of programs tailored to meet your specific requirements and objectives.

Now, let’s see how the promotion/loyalty program can be utilized when purchasing on the eCommerce website.

To begin, open the website and navigate to the shop page. Choose any product that falls under the specific category or product that has been configured within the program.

Let’s add a product to the cart. After opening the cart, you can see that the promotion/loyalty program has been applied to the selected product.

Discount & Loyalty in Odoo

On the cart page, you will be able to view the Loyalty card details. To apply the Loyalty points and avail its benefits, click on the Claim Button. This will enable you to redeem the rewards associated with the Loyalty card for your current purchase.

Now, you can proceed to the checkout process to purchase the product with the benefit of the promotion program.

You can also view this order in the Sales module, specifically in the Quotation Sent state.

Open the Order and navigate to the order lines section. Here, you will find the Loyalty card applied alongside the respective product.

Discount & Loyalty in Odoo

Odoo provides the flexibility to create various types of Loyalty/Promotion programs to suit your business needs. You can create loyalty cards, coupons, discount codes, buy X get Y offers, and next order coupons, among others. This allows you to implement a wide range of promotional strategies to engage and reward your customers effectively.

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