Discount Methods in Odoo POS

The Odoo 16 Point of Sale (PoS) module is a robust tool designed to enhance the efficiency of your retail store or restaurant operations. The discounting functionality within Odoo 16 PoS holds immense importance for various reasons. It empowers you to offer discounts to your customers, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it offers a high degree of flexibility in discounting, enabling you to apply discounts to specific items, categories, or even individual customers. Additionally, its user-friendly interface makes the process of applying discounts to your sales quick and effortless.

By utilizing the Discount methods within Odoo 16 POS, you can extend discounts both globally and exclusively to specific products.

Point of Sale => Configuration => Settings
Global Discount

A global discount is a reduction that is applied to the entire order, encompassing all items within it. This implies that the discount is uniformly subtracted from the prices of all items in the order, irrespective of their individual prices. Once you have activated global discounts, select the discount product that you want to apply to the order line and specify the discount amount as a percentage in the designated field.

Create an order from the Point of Sale (POS) system and then apply the specified discount to the entire order.

Once you have chosen the customer and selected the desired products, click on the “Discount” button. This action will trigger a wizard to appear, allowing you to apply the discount to the order.

The default discount is set at 10%, as per the configuration settings. You have the flexibility to manually select and adjust the discounts according to your specific requirements. Then click the “OK” button to apply the selected discount to the order.

Once you’ve applied the discount, you’ll notice that the discount percentage has been successfully applied to the entire order. Additionally, a discount line item is added to the order, displaying the discount product that was previously specified in the configuration settings.

Line discount

If you wish to apply discounts to specific product lines, you can utilize the Line discount method within Odoo 16 PoS. To access this feature, you should enable the Line discount option in the configuration settings.

Point of Sale => Configuration => Settings

By utilizing line discounts effectively, you can make your products more affordable for customers, which can ultimately boost sales and drive increased customer engagement.

Open a Pos session

Select the products you want to include in the order, then click the % Disc button to access the product line and apply the discounts as required.

Here you can see that the line discount is applied to the particular product. Like this, you can select each product line to which you need to apply the discount and choose the percentage that you need. You can apply this discount type multiple times to various products or product lines, giving you the flexibility to tailor the discounts you provide.

Global discount is the most suitable choice when you intend to provide a uniform discount across the entire order. When you wish to provide discounts on particular products or categories of products, a line discount is the optimal choice.

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