Employee Appraisal

Performance appraisal means analyzing and recording information about the relative worth of an employee. An appraisal is used to measure and improve the actual performance of the employee and the future potential of the employee. Performance appraisals encourage performance improvement.

Purpose of Employee appraisal:
  • Reviewing the performance of an employee over a given period.
  • Determining the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals so that it helps to identify the training and development needs for the future.
  • Giving feedback to the employees regarding their past performance.
  • Provide clarity about responsibilities and expectations that is to be performed by the employees.


Opening the appraisals module the list of employee appraisals is shown. You can view the status of the employee’s appraisals whether it is ready, done, or cancelled.

Employee Appraisal

There are various filtering options available to obtain the respective employee. On the left side, you can filter the appraisal on the basis of Company, Department, and by its Status.

New appraisals can be created by clicking on the Create button.

Before creating a new appraisal do the necessary settings for appraisal.

Appraisals => Configuration => Settings
Employee Appraisal
1. Settings
Employee Appraisal
  • Feedback Templates

Employee Feedback is used to give feedback about the services provided by the company for the employee.

There are some questions mentioned so that the employees can answer the questions.

  • Manager Feedback Template

The manager gives feedback to employees based on their performance.

Here also there are some questions mentioned about the responsibilities that the employee performs, suggestions to improve etc…

You can add new questions and can modify the questions respectively.

  • Appraisals

Appraisal Plan – Allows setting a maximum and minimum time to generate appraisals.

It automatically generates appraisals as per the time period. You can make changes for the time period.

360˚ Feedback

Enabling 360˚ Feedback the survey tab becomes activated and will be able to fill survey forms for employees. You can see the employee appraisal form as default. When it is opened you can see the details of the form and changes can be made as per the needs.

2. Evaluation Scale
Employee Appraisal

Various evaluation scales are displayed, these are already created items and in order to create a new evaluation scale just click create and type the name.

Evaluation can be done using surveys.

Once the surveys are being ready the user can send them to the employees. So the employee can also analyze the performance and the user can evaluate and verify.

3. Surveys
Employee Appraisal

You can create new surveys with the questions required to deal with the appraisal, this can be a feedback survey to describe the performance of the employee.

Open the Employee Appraisal Form you can see the details of the form, the questions, description of the survey – the purpose of the survey, end message and options.

Employee Appraisal

You can add questions and make separate sections for questions to organize perfectly.

  • Description

It gives feedback about the collaboration with your employee and helps in improving the appraisal process.

  • Options

You can set the layout of questions, progression mode in percentage or in number, scoring. Also, you can set the access mode, who all can attempt the survey, whether login is required and attempt limits can also be managed. Even you can copy the link and share it with other areas.

Employee Appraisal
Creation of an employee appraisal

After clicking the create button from the appraisal menu you will be directed to this page.

Employee Appraisal

Fill in all the details. Select the employee under which the manager, then the department and the company will be automatically updated. The user can also add more than one manager for the employee in the appraisal. After filling in all details you can save it and send the mail.

The employee feedback and the manager feedback will be shown once it is published, that is only when we confirm the appraisal. Once the appraisal is confirmed the skills tab becomes active. Under the private note, you can add a note that is not visible for the employee.

Once it is confirmed the status changes from To Confirm to Confirmed.

On the right side, you can find an employee’s goal menu, the user can define the goals for the appraisal.

Employee Appraisal

After clicking on it you can see the list of goals its progress and the number of days left to complete the goals, also new goals can be created by clicking Create.

To create a new goal for an employee
Employee Appraisal

Mention the name of the goal, the employee and manager name will be added automatically based on the appraisal. The progress can be marked according to the completion of the work and the deadlines can be added for completing the goals on time. Description about the goal can be mentioned in the area provided.

Suppose the goal is completed then Mark as done.

Going back to the employee appraisal – Employee’s goal – you can see the goals, progress, and the done goals. Done goals will have a green label on the right side with done.

Employee Appraisal

Meetings can be scheduled on a specific date, time from the respective employee appraisal. Even you can send a message, add log notes and schedule an activity at the bottom of the page.

Employee Appraisal
Ask Feedback

When you click on the ask feedback, you will be directed to this page.

Employee Appraisal

Automatically the survey template gets added. Add the recipients so that you can get feedback from that person. A subject can be added and after filling everything you can send the mail.

Going back to the employee appraisal you can see that feedback is asked from whom and there is a feedback survey button enabled.

Employee Appraisal

When you click on the feedback survey button you will be directed to the survey page and can view the user responses. From there you can edit the questions if needed or can go back to the appraisals

Employee Appraisal

Once the appraisal is done you can click on Mark as done and now the status changes from Confirmed to Done. To cancel the employee appraisal click on the cancel button.

Employee Appraisal

Under the appraisals tab, you can see the cancelled, done and ready appraisals with a label on them.


Goals are action plans for the employees so that they can achieve the objectives and can focus on some tasks that are assigned to them.

There is a separate menu for goals and all the goals can be viewed from here. You can see the progress of the goals its status, the number of days left to complete the goals and to whom the goals are assigned.

New goals can be created by clicking create.

Employee Appraisal

After clicking Create you will be directed to this page:

Employee Appraisal

Mention the name of the goal, the employee and the manager name. The progress can be marked according to the completion of the work and the deadlines can be added for completing the goals on time. Description of the goal can be mentioned in the area provided.

Employee Appraisal

You can see the appraisal analysis of a particular year. Using filters and group by option helps us to view any particular analysis. Appraisal analysis can be viewed in different ways.

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Employee Appraisal