Generating Batches of Payslips in Odoo 16

Every organization contains employees who are one of the most valuable resources for a business to run efficiently. Managing the attendance, Time off, performance, payroll, compensation and so on is not an easy task at hand especially when the organization contains a considerably high number of employees. The employees in the organization receives salary every month. So, creating and managing the payslips of each employee individually at a time is not the best way.

Odoo provides the feature of creating payslips in batches for employees based on the same salary structure, department, and so on. This makes the process easier and reduces the time for creating payslips for each employee.

Create Payslip Batches

Go to the ‘Payroll’ Application and Select the ‘Batches’ option from the ‘Payslips’ menu.

We can see each batch of Payslips created in a list view. The view can also be changed to the Kanban view. We can use filters to view only the required or selected items from the list. Group By option allows us to categorize the items based on criteria.

Click on the ‘New’ button at the top left corner of the Payslips Batches dashboard to create a new batch.

Enter the batch name, the period for which the payslips are to be generated, and the company name. We can see that the stage of the payslip batch is ‘New’. Now, Click on the ‘Generate Payslips’ option.

The window to generate multiple payslips for that match pop-ups. We can select the salary structure such as regular pay, worker pay, yearly bonus, and so on from the drop-down next to the Salary structure field if you want to generate payslips for only the employees with that particular salary structure. Similarly, you can select a department from the drop-down in the field of the department section to generate payslips for the employees in that particular department.

The Employees section in the Generate Payslips form enables us to individually select and add employees irrespective of salary structure or department to generate payslips in batches. For example, the company decides to give a bonus to all employees who have completed one year in that organization. In that case, we can add each employee to the form by using the ‘Add a line’ option at the bottom left portion of the form. One can also remove an employee from a batch. Now, click on the ‘Generate’ button to generate payslips for each employee of that batch.

We can see the total number of payslips generated in that batch at the top right corner of the payslip batch form. To view the payslips of each employee, go the the Payslips smart button & select the payslip of the employee you want to see.

The payslip displays the employee name, slip code, period, contract, batch, salary structure, worked days, number of days, number of hours, and the total amount according to the work entries recorded before.

Click on Create Draft Entry and you will see that the stage of the payslip batch moves from ‘Confirmed’ to ‘Done’.

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