Handling Perishable Products in Odoo 15

Product management characteristics are critical for an industry’s efficient operation. To oversee the entire operation, the company now uses a specific management system. Odoo will locate available products that can be allocated to the shipment when a product movement is required. The removal technique that is established on the product category or location determines how Odoo assigns these products. It’s difficult to keep track of goods. It takes a long time, space, and is expensive especially when it’s vacant. The way you set up your warehouse is influenced by several factors, all of which are crucial. First, configure the settings in the Inventory Module for Handling Perishable Products in Odoo 15.

The inventory module provides elements for multiple warehouse management and the various segments of a business. The way you organize your inventory will be determined by the things you have to stock.  Perishable commodities must be sold quickly, and some must even be refrigerated. Some items are only available regularly, it’s critical to know when to bring them in and when to take them out.

Configure the settings in the Inventory Module.

Inventory => Configuration => Settings

Under the Traceability option, Lots and Serial Numbers, as well as the Expiration Dates option should be enabled, this will ensure that all purchasing processes may be completed by assigning lots and serial numbers, as well as determining the product’s expiration date.

The options under the Warehouse menu, such as Storage locations and Multi-Step Routes, should be enabled to aid in the operational management of several storage locations and specific product moving routes that can be defined.

Product creation

Select the Create option from the Products menu which leads to the following window:

Add the product name, type whether it’s saleable, purchased, recurring, or can be rented product. Mention the entire product’s general information.

Under the inventory, tracking can be selected as a unique serial number or by using lots. Expiration Date choices should be enabled and specify the dates. The Expiration Time, Best before Time, Removal Time, and Alert Time for the individual product are all listed under the Dates section. Click the save button once all of these elements have been defined.

Configuration => Locations

A new location can be created by clicking on create button. Select the location for the product you just created. The corresponding Location can be located by using the Filters and Group by options.

Opening the location all the details about the location will be displayed. Here, the product’s Removal Strategy can be set to First Expiry First Out (FEFO), which ensures that the product that is about to expire is removed first, rather than the new ones. The products are dispatched from the warehouse according to their expiration date in FEFO.

Creating a purchase order

Handling Perishable Products in Odoo 15

Confirm the Quotation after filling in all the details and then receive the products. Before validating assign the Lot and Serial numbers for the purchase. Serial numbers are used for product tracing so the products should be assigned with the appropriate serial numbers.

Handling Perishable Products in Odoo 15

After defining the Lots and Serial Numbers, Validate the Purchase Order.

Back to Inventory => Configuration => Location

The Stock will be listed in the Locations of the related Product under the current stock. The Serial Number and Lot Number will be defined here as well, which will help you understand the product’s Stock information.

Handling Perishable Products in Odoo 15

Creating a Sales order

Handling Perishable Products in Odoo 15

When a Sales Quotation is prepared for a certain product the Lot and Serial Numbers are generated.

Handling Perishable Products in Odoo 15

The initial products will be auto-assigned. If the Lot numbers are defined, the product with the Lots purchased initially will be described, taking the Expiration and removal dates into account.

Back to Inventory => Configuration => Locations

When you open the appropriate location, you can view the products, lot numbers, and remaining stocks.

This feature ensures that the products that were brought in first are removed from stock when orders are received. However, the Expiration, Best before, and Removal dates will be taken into account to ensure that buyers receive high-quality products.

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