How Customers can rate the tasks in Odoo to increase Customer satisfaction?

Satisfied customers are more likely to remain loyal and continue doing business with your company. Monitoring satisfaction with tasks helps you identify areas that might be causing customers to leave or seek alternatives. Employee satisfaction often correlates with customer satisfaction. Happy employees who see positive feedback on their work tend to be more engaged and motivated, which can further improve customer interactions. It allows you to refine your processes. When you know which tasks receive low satisfaction ratings, you can investigate the underlying issues and make necessary adjustments to prevent future dissatisfaction.

Odoo 16 allows the users to track the satisfaction of their customers on each task completed. After completing each task and moving to the next stage, customers can provide feedback based on the quality of work done so that the employees are aware of their improvement areas and the customers can openly share their thoughts on each completion stage. It thus enhances client relationships and increases customer loyalty.

Project Managers can also easily track the performance of the team and there is full transparency in the process.

To activate the setting, go to the ‘Project’ module.

Project Application => Configuration => Settings => Analytics section => Customer Ratings => Save

In the Customer Ratings setting, we can see the option to set a Rating email template on stages so that the customer will receive an email notifying the completion of tasks at every stage of the project. The option allows us to set different email templates for that.

Let’s see how customers can give ratings on the tasks associated with a project. For that, we are going to create a new project by selecting the ‘New’ button on the projects page of the ‘Projects’ menu.

Rate task in Odoo

In the project window, mention the project name. By activating the ‘Billable’ option, we can bill clients for the project. The ‘Timesheets’ option allows us to set and record the time for the tasks to be completed. The ‘Planning’ option enables the users to plan resources on project tasks. Then, you may select the ‘Create Project’ option after entering all these details.

Rate task in Odoo

On selecting the ‘Create Project’ option, we go to the page shown above where we need to enter and add each stage of the project since the stages for a project differ with different projects.

Rate task in Odoo

Now that we have added different stages to our project. We can also assign tasks associated with each stage in the project pipeline. Select the ‘New’ option to create a new task.

Rate task in Odoo

On creating a task, we can specify other details than those that are visible in the pipeline such as Milestone, Customer, Assignees, Customer, Sales Order Item, Deadline, and Tags. On going to the internal link of the selected customer in the ‘Customer’ field, we can see the e-mail ID of the customer to which the notification e-mail will be sent for giving feedback.

Suppose, that the task is completed and we have to move the task to its next stage. It is then that we need to update the status of the task and get feedback from the customer on the completed task.

Rate task in Odoo

Select the Settings icon at the top of the stage of the completed task and click on the ‘Edit Stage’ option as shown above.

Rate task in Odoo

Here, we can mention the Email template, SMS template, Kanban view, Stage description, and labels. On selecting the particular e-mail template from the drop-down in the ‘E-Mail Template’ field, the customer will be notified through e-mail in the selected template when the task is moved from one stage to another, and that the customer can give feedback regarding the task completed.

After entering the required details, click on the ‘Save and Close’ button. Now, when we move the task to the next stage, a notification e-mail in the specified template is sent to the customer in which they can give ratings, and feedback.

Rate task in Odoo

The above is an example of an e-mail notification sent to the customer ‘Deco Addict’ to give their rating on the completed task ‘Kitchen assembly’.

The customer has selected the ‘Happy face’ and they can now give valuable feedback including appreciation, improvement areas, expectations, and suggestions.

When we go back to the Project page and view the task, we can see the smiley face which is the rating given to the task by the customer. This is how customers can give ratings and feedback on individual tasks completed thus ensuring that the project is meeting the expectations of the customer.

As an Official Partner of Odoo ERP system, Infintor Solutions believe that the customers are the vital part of an organization and there is no compromise in ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

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