How to customize your products in Odoo?

Customization involves tailoring an existing product to suit the specific preferences of customers. Across various industries, products are offered with diverse product lines, variants, and customization options. Even in cases where an industry offers a single product, such as KFC chicken, there are still variations in the items available, such as boneless strips, chicken burgers, popcorn chicken, bucket chicken, chicken rice box, and more. Let’s delve into how Odoo simplifies the creation, management, and selection of various product variations ordered by a customer.


First, we need to ensure that the product variants option is enabled. For that:

Go to Sales Application➡Configuration tab➡ Settings ➡Product catalog section➡ Variants.

Products in Odoo

Upon activation of this feature, it provides us with the capability to select from a wide array of choices for a single product during the quotation creation process. To facilitate customization, we can include various attributes for the product, such as color, size, flavor, toppings, etc.

Now, let’s explore the process of adding various attributes based on their types.

Products in Odoo


You can also go to the attributes section by moving to the Configuration tab -> Attributes

Products in Odoo

Now we have different attributes for different products of our company. For instance, boneless strips and chicken rice boxes are two different items offered by KFC. Boneless chicken has different attributes such as number of pieces, flavor, and dipping whereas chicken rice box has another set of attributes such as quantity, side dish, drink, and flavor.

To create a new attribute, click on New ➡Enter the attribute Name, category, Display Type, and Visibility➡Add the required values of the attribute and specify whether it is a custom value or not

Conditional rules

Selecting the necessary attributes for each product is incredibly simple with Odoo, as it requires just a single click.

Configure variants

Select a product ➡ Variants tab ➡ Add the required attributes ➡Configure variants➡Save.

Likewise, you can effortlessly include other attributes like the number of pieces and flavor by selecting the “Add a Line” option. Moreover, you have the flexibility to add a custom price for incorporating premium features into your product. For example, you can easily add various dipping options such as tomato dip, aioli dip, BBQ dip, sweet chili dip, and sweet & sour dip for boneless chicken, each with distinct prices. This allows you to select the preferred dipping option for boneless chicken as per the customer’s choice.

Configure variants based on rules

I’ve included the BBQ dip with an additional cost of $10. Moreover, I’ve excluded the sweet & sour dip from the options to prevent offering customers a combination of BBQ dip and sweet & sour dip together, as this combination isn’t favorable.

When we create a quotation for a customer who wants Boneless chicken, we could select from a variety of variants of Boneless chicken as per the customer’s preference. This in order increases customer satisfaction.

New Quotation

Now, a quotation is created when the customer wants to purchase a boneless chicken with tomato dip.

Now, let’s choose the variants linked to the product “boneless chicken.”

The above pop-up appears for selecting different variants along with their prices by enabling the Variant Grid Entry option in the settings of the Sales application.

Odoo thus integrates a wide range of products with its different variants and prices.

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