How to Monitor Employee Presence in Odoo 16 ?

It is essential to ensure that employees are working as expected and to maintain transparency and accountability within the organization. Employees are required to log in and out of their computers when they start and finish their work. This method can track working hours and monitor computer activity. Some companies use biometric systems like fingerprint, facial recognition, or retinal scans for precise and secure attendance tracking. If employees work remotely, presence control may involve tracking tasks completed, logins to remote systems, or the use of time-tracking software.

The ’Employees’ module in Odoo 16 has the feature of tracking the presence of employees whether they are working in the office or remotely according to various methods adopted by the organization which can be integrated with the Odoo database. It simplifies the burden of managers to continuously check whether their employees are committed to work or not. Managers have a lot of other responsibilities along with which this function can be done effortlessly.

Employee module in Odoo 16
Presence Control setting in Odoo
Employees application => Configuration menu => Settings => Employees section => Presence control => Save
Employee module in Odoo 16

The ‘Presence Control’ setting allows users to mark the presence of employees based on attendance and user status in the system. We can either select any one or both. There is also an ‘Advanced Presence Control’ setting. On activating the ‘Presence Control’ feature, a new option ‘Presence’ will be added to the ‘Reporting’ menu of the ‘Employees’ application. In the ‘Advanced Presence Control’ feature, the presence of an employee can be monitored based on the number of emails sent and based on IP address. Both the minimum number of e-mails to be sent and the IP address need to be specified if you are selecting both options.

There is also another setting in the ‘Employees’ section. The ‘Skills Management’ setting allows us to add skills and resumes to the employee profile so that we get a better understanding of the abilities of our employees and utilize the same for the growth of the company and the employees.

Employee Presence section
Employees application => Reporting menu => Presence
Employee module in Odoo 16

Here, we can view all the present and absent employees on that day. We can view the employees present in a particular department by using the options on the left side of the page. Filter and Group By option can also be used to track the presence of the required employees. The page shows details of employees such as their name, designation, email ID, contact number, activities, and present/ absent.

Now, if you want to mark Time Off for an employee who is present, select the cross option in the ‘Time Off’ button in the Kanban card of that particular employee.

Time-Off option

On selecting the ‘Time Off’ option, we go to the Time Off request form of the employee. Here, we can see the employee’s time off reason, mode, time off type, date, duration, and description of time off. The Payslip state option allows us to compute the time off in the current payslip or the next payslip.

Employee module in Odoo 16

The Admin can either ‘Approve’ or ‘Refuse’ the time-off of the employee by selecting the respective options at the top of the Time Off form.

SMS Option

The Manager can send an SMS notification regarding Time off to the phone number of the employee by selecting the SMS button in the employee kanban card. After entering the message to the employee, click on the ‘Send SMS’ option and the SMS will be sent to the employee.

Log option

The ‘Log’ option allows managers or admin to send an e-mail notification regarding the time-off to the employee. Here, they can specify the subject, enter the message, and add attachments. We also have the option to select a pre-defined email template suitable for the time Off reason of the employee by selecting the ‘Load template’ option. After entering the details, click on the ‘Log’ option.

This is how easily we can manage the process of employee absence in Odoo. As an Official Odoo ERP Partner, Infintor Solutions ensures the best workforce management practices through the platform.

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