How to Track Products in Odoo Manufacturing

The manufacturing operations within a company involve multiple stages of production, with the final product passing through various machinery before reaching completion. It is crucial to manage, monitor, and control these operations, starting from the installation of machinery to the retrieval of raw materials from inventory. Establishing an efficient workflow and ensuring operational continuity involves systematically organizing manufacturing operations to operate seamlessly in each work center.

The effectiveness and productivity of manufacturing operations depend on the practicality and organization of the workflow within the company. Another essential aspect of manufacturing operations is tracking. Odoo ERP facilitates this tracking function through the use of lots and serial number operations. Tracking in Odoo is specifically carried out through lots and serial numbers, ensuring unique identification for products and preventing data overlap. Additionally, each lot or serial number assigned to a product is managed and presented throughout the platform, allowing users to modify it according to specific requirements.

To activate the traceability option go to:
Inventory => Configuration => Settings
  • Activate Lot & Serial Numbers and Save.

Next, to enable traceability for a specific product, Go to Products.

Products => Products

Open the product for which you want to enable traceability. Within the product details, navigate to the “Inventory” tab.

Track Products in Odoo

To enable traceability for a product being manufactured in the Odoo enable the routes as Manufacture & the “Traceability” option for the respective product. By enabling traceability for the specific product, you indicate that this product will be tracked using lots and serial numbers, allowing you to monitor its movement and trace its history within the Odoo platform.

With the traceability feature enabled in Odoo, users can assign unique serial numbers or lots to the finished manufactured products of the company. Users have the flexibility to update the quantity for each product and provide details, including the serial/lot number allocations.


Create a manufacturing Order.

Track Products in Odoo

Choose the product intended for manufacturing.

Specify the quantity.

If the product has a Bill of Materials, the components will be added automatically.

Save the changes and proceed to confirm the order by clicking the confirm button.

Track Products in Odoo

Upon confirming the order, you have two options for lot/serial number assignment:

Manual Assignment:

You can manually assign lot/serial numbers to the product.

Automated Assignment:

Alternatively, upon completing all operations, you can select the “Produce All” button at the top.

This prompts the system to automatically assign lot/serial numbers following the predefined sequence order.

Track Products in Odoo

Upon checking the product form, you will find information regarding the manufactured units.

When you access the “On Hand” smart tab, you will see the total quantities available along with their corresponding lot/serial numbers.

Track Products in Odoo
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