How to Unbuild Your Products with Odoo 16

The Odoo Manufacturing Order Management system is instrumental in creating manufacturing orders and provides users with the flexibility to customize processes and establish work centers. Moreover, it facilitates the creation of Bills of Materials (BoM) and the outsourcing of production tasks to external partners. Through the integration of maintenance, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and quality modules within Odoo 16 Manufacturing ERP, businesses can effectively manage their operations, automate preventative and corrective maintenance, and streamline maintenance requests. It generates reports that significantly contribute to the overall success of a business, making it an indispensable asset for enterprises in various sectors.

Disassembling or “unbuilding” a manufactured product involves the process of breaking down a product into its parts or components. In some rare instances, manufacturing businesses may need to perform this operation, particularly when dealing with purchased items. It is essential to maintain a record of such unbuilding activities for accurate inventory management. Odoo 16 Manufacturing provides a solution for creating unbuild orders to handle these scenarios effectively.

Odoo allows you to manage unbuild orders separately and create unbuild orders specifically for items that have been acquired or purchased.

Manufacturing => Operations => Unbuild Orders
Odoo 16 Manufacturing

You can create new orders to unbuild by clicking on the New Button.

Odoo 16 Manufacturing

=> Specify the product you want to unbuild.

=> Select the Bill of Materials associated with the product. If the selected product has BoM then automatically it will appear in the field.

=> Enter the quantity of the product you want to unbuild.

=> If the product is manufactured in your business, you can include the “Manufacturing Order” in the relevant field.

=> Indicate the current location of the product.

=> Specify where you want to store the product’s parts after the unbuilding process is completed.

=> If applicable, fill in the lot or serial number associated with the product.

=> Select the relevant company if you are working in a multi-company environment.

Odoo 16 Manufacturing

Once you have filled in all the required information, click the “UNBUILD” button to initiate the unbuilding process.

Odoo 16 Manufacturing

Upon clicking the “unbuild” button, a smart button named “product moves” becomes visible and by accessing it you can review the details of each component utilized in the disassembled product.

The “Stock Moves” shows information such as the component’s date, reference, product, lot/serial number, quantity, unit, and more.

This module is particularly valuable for large manufacturing enterprises as it enables them to swiftly disassemble defective products, manage their removal, and seamlessly reintegrate them into the raw material inventory with comprehensive record-keeping capabilities.

Get started on the path to success today and unlock the full potential of Odoo 16 Manufacturing with Infintor Solutions by your side.

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