How to use Calendar Application in Odoo 16

Effectively streamline workplace decisions with the Calendar Application in Odoo 16. Meetings unite stakeholders, fostering discussions on options and informed decision-making. From addressing challenges to collaborative problem-solving, team members can allocate resources and develop action plans. Stay well-informed with shared updates, policy changes, and industry news in organized meetings. Prioritize and schedule with Odoo 16 for enhanced workplace collaboration

Scheduling discussions and activities in an important task we usually miss out when there are multiple activities to be done. Planning, prioritizing, scheduling and sharing the meeting details among participants should be well-organized to ensure effective collaboration in the workplace. These meetings can be with team members, managers, clients, and other stakeholders. Missing out important meetings when other unplanned events come up will lead to unfair consequences.

Odoo 16 makes scheduling and organizing meetings easier through the ‘Calendar’ application.

Calendar Application in Odoo 16

Below is the page where you will be directed to the Calendar app.

Calendar Application in Odoo 16

The page shows all the meetings scheduled along with the date and time. You can select a particular day, week, month, and year to view all the meetings accordingly. In the screenshot above, we can see that the presentation for new services is scheduled for 18th September, Monday from 7.30 am. The page shows all the meetings scheduled in that particular week as we have selected the ‘Week’ option in the top-left drop-down of the Calendar page. The view of the meetings on the Calendar page can also be changed to a list view.

Calendar Application in Odoo 16

Now, if you select the meeting scheduled on the Calendar page, you can view and edit all the details regarding the meeting such as the date and time, duration, attendees, privacy settings, tags, and organizer.

Calendar Application in Odoo 16

On selecting the ‘Edit’ option, we can add further details about the meeting such as starting time, ending time, duration, all day or not, organizer, reminders for the meeting, location, URL for the video call, tags, and description in the ‘Meeting Details’ tab. We also have the option to send E-mail or SMS as meeting notification. If the meeting happens on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly regular basis, we have the option to set the meeting as recurring by selecting the ‘Recurrent’ option in the ‘Options tab’.

Calendar Application in Odoo 16

On selecting the ‘Recurrent’ option, additional fields appear where you can select and specify when the next consecutive meeting is to be automatically scheduled and how many times this scheduling repetition needs to take place. Here, I have selected a weekly recurrent meeting schedule which will be repeated every Monday for four weeks.

In the ‘Repeat Every’ field, we have options to select days, weeks, months, or years.

In the ‘Until’ field, we have the option to select the number of repetitions, end date, or forever.

In the ‘Privacy’ field, we can select public, private, or only internal users.

In the ‘Show as’ field, we can set the display message as either busy or available.  Thus, The tab also helps us to set privacy and display message.

After editing the meeting details, click on the ‘Save and Close’ option.

Scheduling a new Meeting

Creating a new meeting is not a big deal in Odoo. You just need to go to the day in the calendar and select the time by dragging from the start time to the end time. Then, a pop-up window appears where you can mention the meeting subject and click on the ‘Create’ option.

On going back to the Calendar page, we can see the created meeting at the specified time of the day along with the meeting subject.

We also have the option to share availabilities to share our available time slots with the attendees of the meeting. Select the ‘Share Availabilities’ option and select the available time slot from the calendar to be shared with other attendees.

Click on the ‘Get Share Link’ option to get a sharing link that will be copied in the clipboard to share with the attendees for sharing their available time. This will help both parties such as the organizer and the attendees to opt for the most convenient time for the meeting.

If you want to add more attendees to the meeting, click on the ‘+Add Attendees’ option just below the attendees list.

Creating Online Appointments

Online appointments allow users to schedule and attend appointments from the comfort of their own homes or any location with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for travel and waiting room times.

Calendar Application => Online Appointments menu => New

On selecting the ‘New’ option, the appointment page appears where we need to specify the Appointment title, duration, scheduling patterns, allow canceling or not, users, and front-end display mode.

In the ‘Availability’ tab, we can add the available time slots.

In the ‘Options’ tab, mention the time-zone, location, limited to work hours or not, create opportunities or not, reminders, and CC.

We can add questions in the ‘Questions’ tab and enter the introductory and concluding messages in the ‘Messages’ tab.

After entering and saving all the details, you can select either the ‘Preview’, ‘Share’, or ‘Publish’ options.

Similarly, we can also create and configure an online appointment by selecting the ‘Configure’ option in the ‘Set your availabilities’ section.

Reporting menu

In the ‘Reporting’ menu of the Calendar application, we can view all online appointments and all appointments.

Odoo’s Calendar application thus acts as your friend who keeps reminding you of all the important scheduled activities in your work life. As an Official Odoo Partner, Infintor Solutions helps you foster employee engagement and collaboration among different stakeholders in the organization through effective meetings.

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