How to use the Master Production Schedule in Odoo 16?

Production management software is necessary for firms to maximize productivity and optimize operations. Businesses must manage their resources effectively in the competitive market of today. Controlling sales growth and profitability often requires the use of software created for manufacturing processes. Manufacturing is the target market for ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, which provide comprehensive management of all business operations. These methods eventually lead to increased output and customer service, as well as business expansion, revenue growth, and quality improvement.

Manufacturing management systems offer several benefits, including decreased redundancy, automated processes, improved supply chain, warehouse, transportation, inventory management, risk reduction, improved customer service, departmental integration, real-time reporting, centralization of operational and financial data, and flexibility to accommodate changes in the business. The ERP system that streamlines scheduling and planning at every level, Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module, is a useful tool for managing manufacturing orders, bills of materials, and work centers. It integrates Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Quality, and Maintenance modules to offer efficient request monitoring, quality alerts, and component approval processes. This connection ensures continued network expansion and communication for industrial businesses.

Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module

Master Production Planning is a production forecasting tool available in the Odoo 16 enterprise version Manufacturing module. Forecasts are used to calculate product demand, and users can change values as needed. This function helps manufacturers estimate the necessary product quantities to meet demand, which helps plan production per market demand. It is necessary to guarantee effective production and satisfy consumer requests.

You can enable the “Master Production Schedule” option from the “Settings” page of the Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module to configure the Master Production Scheduler capability.

Manufacturing Application => Configuration menu => Settings => Planning section => Master Production Schedule => Save
Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module

The Master Production Scheduler (MPS) settings allow you to choose the number of periods you want to show continuously as well as the time range (Month, Week, or Day) for your schedule. Here, we have specified the number of columns as 12 and the production planning monthly.

Developing an Upcoming Master Production Schedule

Go to the “Master Production Schedule” option in the “Planning” menu, as shown in the screenshot below, to plan a new MPS for your manufacturing unit.

Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module

You can select which information is shown by clicking on the “Rows” option in the MPS view. Starting Inventory, Actual Demand, Indirect Demand Forecast, To Replenish, Actual Replenishment, Forecasted Stock, and Available to Promise are among the factors included in this.

If the relevant product’s route of operation is set to “Manufacturing” when it is added to the MPS, Odoo will only be able to generate a manufacturing order upon replenishment. As seen in the example below, you may modify the product path by launching the specific form view from the “Products” menu.

Manufacturing Module => Products Menu => Products => Select the Product => Inventory Tab => Operations section => Routes => Manufacture => Save
Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module
Including a New Item

The “ADD A PRODUCT” button allows you to add a new product to the Master Product Schedule. Clicking this button will open the Pop-up form window you see below.

Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module

The product data, such as the “Product Name,” “Bill of Materials,” and “Production Warehouse,” can be entered within the form view.

Indicate how much free stock of the product specified in the “Safety Stock Target” column you would like to have on hand at all times. Odoo will always renew at least the “Minimum to Replenish” amount if you supply it, up until the point at which there is no more demand. The maximum quantity of replenishment you would like to use for each MPS product is indicated by the amount indicated in the “Maximum to Replenish” field. If the demand is greater than this sum, the balance will be automatically carried over to the following period. Once finished, click the “SAVE” button.

Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module

The product created by selecting the ‘Add a product’ option, the product will be displayed in the MPS dashboard in which you can view the presently available number of pieces for purchase. Information on the stock over the next year is available and will be released every month. The “Forecasted Demand” column can be manually updated with the anticipated demand. The suggested refill amount is displayed in the “Suggested Replenishment” column. The “Forecasted Stock” field will include an indication of the amount of stock that will be available after the period.

When the “REPLENISH” button is clicked, Odoo will generate a manufacture or buy order based on the product’s operating path. The Manufacturing Orders portal will display the orders that were produced using MPS as the source.

Forecasting product demand and replenishing stock is made easier with the Master Production Scheduler available in Odoo. This helps to manage inventory and manufacturing processes easily. Infintor Solutions provides you with the best ERP solutions by analyzing your business requirements.

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