Important Arguments Against Over-Customizing Your ERP

1. Delayed go-live dates

Customisation can push back the implementation of your ERP system, resulting in increased budget estimates and longer wait times to recoup your investment.

2. Requiring extensive regression testing

Customisation can impact other parts of your system, requiring extensive regression testing to ensure they remain unaffected.

3. Increases the complexity upgrades

Over-customisation increases the complexity of upgrading your ERP system, which can take longer and become costly over time.

4. You might be forced to rely solely on one vendor

Customisation can make it difficult to switch vendors if necessary, limiting your options and increasing costs.

5. Dependence on specialised knowledge

Intense customisation requires specialised knowledge of the system, which can become a liability if those employees leave your company.

While customisation can bring advantages, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks. A more standardised and easily adaptable system can help keep costs down and meet tight deadlines. Infintor can help you find the right solutions for your system without over-customising.

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