Manage Mailing Lists using the Odoo 16 Website App

Mailing lists allow you to send a single message to a group of people simultaneously. This is particularly useful for announcements, updates, or important information that needs to reach a specific audience. Managing mailing lists often involves integrating with other systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools or marketing automation platforms which can be done in Odoo. This integration streamlines workflows and ensures consistency in data across different platforms.

We can manage different mailing lists in the website module of Odoo 16 to interact with our website users effectively.

Website Application => Configuration menu => Mailing Lists section => Mailing Lists
Odoo 16 Website App

The Mail Groups page shows all the mail groups configured in the system. We can view the name, description, number of members, and the option to ‘Join’ or ‘Leave’ the group in the Kanban view.

Open a Mail Group to view details of the email group selected so that we can do email campaigns with that selected group. The page shows details such as Mail Group name, E-mail alias, Description, Moderators of the group, Privacy, Authorized group, Automatic notification, and the option to send guidelines to new subscribers. In the privacy setting, we have the option to select everyone, members only, or the selected group of users.

Odoo 16 Website App

We can also access the members, emails received, emails waiting for an action, and moderated emails.

In the ‘Email Alias?’ field, we can configure the email addresses of users by opening the ‘Configure a custom domain’ option. It is automatically directed to the Settings of the Users where we have the option to invite new users by entering their email addresses.

Odoo 16 Website App

If you want to create a new Mail Group and add members to that group, we can use the same method by selecting the ‘New’ button at the top-left side of the Mail Groups page and opening the ‘Configure a custom domain’ option. After entering the email address of the new member, click on the ‘Invite’ button.

Organizations may want to control the content of emails to ensure that they align with company policies and standards. Moderation rules can be used to block or flag emails that contain inappropriate or sensitive content. They help filter out spam and unwanted emails. By setting criteria for what is allowed or blocked, organizations can reduce the risk of phishing attacks and other malicious activities. We can set moderation rules in Odoo by using the website application.

Website Application => Configuration menu => Mailing Lists section => Moderation Rules.

We can add moderation rules by selecting this option. Here, we can specify the Mail Groups with their email addresses and the status. The status can be either ‘Always Allow’ or ‘Permanent Ban’. We also have the option to directly create a moderation for a Mail Group by going to the ‘Moderations’ smart button on the page and selecting the ‘New’ option.

Thus, managing mailing groups was made easy with Odoo 16. Remember to follow Infintor Solutions to get more insights into the functionality of Odoo.

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