Managing Control Points & Alerts in Odoo 15 Quality Module

The Quality module in Odoo 15 aids in the creation of Alerts, Quality Checks, and Control Points. A good sale ensures that quality standards meet consumer expectations and that they are satisfied as a result of the good quality. Before reaching customers, the company performs many processes to ensure that the material is of high quality. People purchase goods depending on their quality.

This module allows us to create Quality Control points, Products, Product variations, Alerts, and Checks.

Quality Module in odoo15

Quality Control => Control Points
Quality Control Points in Odoo 15
Managing Control Points & Alerts

A new Quality Control Point can be created from here. The Reference Number, Title, Product name, Operations, Type, Team details, and Company are displayed in the Quality Control Points. The Kanban view displays all materials’ Operations and Products data. When you click on the reference number, you will be taken to a page with more detailed information.

Quality Control Points in Odoo 15
Managing Control Points & Alerts

To Create New Quality Control Points use the Create option in Quality Control Points.

Quality Control Points creation
Managing Control Points & Alerts

In the Title field, type the name of your Quality Control Point. Choose the required goods from the Products section. Apply the company name and the operations tag. You can also add Control per operation/product and control Frequency in three ways: all, randomly, or periodically. Choose the type, team, and responsible person. Instructions, Messages If Failure and Notes about the quality check can all be added. After entering all the details, save your changes.

Quality Alerts

It acts as a reminder for employees to check product quality. You may see Alerts in various stages. In several stages, the product name and reference number can be found.

Quality Alerts in Odoo 15

List view
Quality Alerts in Odoo 15

The Product, Name, Work center, Team, Responsible person, Check, Date Assigned, and Company are all represented in the List view. By clicking on the title of each name, you can get a detailed view of the Quality Alert for that product.

Pivot view
Quality Alerts reports in Odoo 15

In the Pivot view of the Quality Alerts, you can see the total number of new, confirmed, and by the Quality team. By selecting the Insert in Spreadsheet option, you may add a new spreadsheet to Pivot. The Measures icon guarantees that the total count of Alerts is enabled.

Graph View
Quality Alerts reports in Odoo 15
Managing Control Points & Alerts

On the X-axis is the Root Cause, and on the Y-axis is the Count Rate. You can use a Bar chart, Line chart, or Pie chart to view the analysis. By clicking on a certain count, you can get a Quality Alert analysis of the product. The graphical view is also available by selecting the Quality Alerts menu from the Reporting tab.

Calendar view

The Calendar option displays a product’s quality Alert on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. We can see any current or upcoming material-related alerts.

New Quality Alerts can be created by clicking the create option.

Creating Quality Alerts in Odoo 15

Add the title and select the Product and Variant. Using the Lot Option, you can generate a serial number. Mention the Work Center, Picking, Team, Responsible Person, Tags, Root Cause, and Priority. Finally, you can mention the description, corrective and preventive actions. The assigned Date, Company and Vendor names are stored in the miscellaneous option. The stages of an alert can be changed to New, Solved, Confirmed, or Action Proposed. After entering all of the data in the New Quality Alerts click the Save button. Your new Alert will be displayed among previous ones on the Quality Alerts page.

Using the Quality module, you can simply improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

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