Managing Customer Tips with Point of Sale (PoS)

Odoo 16’s Point of Sale (POS) module, known as the “Odoo 16 POS Module,” serves as a potent tool for businesses of any size, overseeing sales transactions and associated tasks seamlessly.

Customer-tip management involves the process of monitoring and overseeing gratuities given by customers to employees. It plays a vital role in the successful operation of a business. Effective tip management can lead to increased revenue, enhanced customer service, improved data collection, and ultimately, boosted employee morale. Tips often serve as a means for customers to express their gratitude for exceptional service. When businesses handle tips efficiently, they not only acknowledge their employees’ efforts but also incentivize them to deliver outstanding service, which can significantly contribute to additional revenue generation.

Point of Sale => Configuration => Settings

Within the Payment section, you will find the Tips option. When you activate this feature, you are prompted to select the Tip products that should be included on the receipt line.

Odoo 16 POS Module

Let’s proceed to open a PoS session and examine how customer tips are handled.

Odoo 16 POS Module

Create an order for your customer using the PoS interface and then select the payment option.

Within the payment section, you’ll notice the presence of a “Tips” button. By selecting this button, you can input the tip amount that the customer wishes to include.

Odoo 16 POS Module

Upon clicking the “Tips” button, you will access a wizard, for inputting the tip amount. Click on the “Confirm” button.

Odoo 16 POS Module

Subsequently, the total amount, which now incorporates the customer’s provided tip, will be displayed. Proceed by selecting the preferred payment method and validate the payment.

Odoo 16 POS Module

Once the payment is finalized, a receipt will be generated, and the customer will have visibility of the total amount, which includes the tip amount.

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