Managing Product Prices & Price Controlling in POS

In Odoo 16 Point of Sale (PoS), you have the flexibility to handle prices in various ways, such as incorporating or excluding taxes. This empowers you to select the pricing approach that aligns with your business requirements.

Tax-included pricing denotes the prices that already encompass applicable taxes. This method is prevalent in many countries. When utilizing tax-included prices, the total order cost remains constant, regardless of the customer’s tax rate.

Tax-excluded prices refer to prices that do not encompass applicable taxes. While this pricing approach is less common, it can prove beneficial in specific scenarios.

In Odoo 16 Point of Sale (PoS), you have the flexibility to select whether to employ tax-included or tax-excluded prices for each product. Furthermore, you can establish distinct pricing methods for various customers. This affords you the adaptability to customize your pricing strategy to align precisely with your unique business requirements.

Point of Sale => Configuration => Settings

Within the configuration settings, you can specify whether the product price should incorporate the tax amount or not.

Odoo 16 Point of Sale

Here, you can define how the product price will be displayed within the PoS system.

Tax Excluded Price
Odoo 16 Point of Sale

=> Enable the Tax excluded price

Opting for tax-excluded pricing means that the product’s price will be displayed without including the tax amount. Taxes will then be added to the total amount, allowing customers to readily discern the product’s price without the tax component.

Odoo 16 Point of Sale

Customers can also verify the amount on the receipt in a similar manner.

Odoo 16 Point of Sale

When tax prices are displayed separately, it simplifies the calculation of the total order price. This can reduce errors and ensure that customers are not charged more than they should be. Furthermore, it allows customers to clearly discern the exact amount of tax they are paying, fostering trust and transparency in your business.

Tax Included Price

In the same manner tax included price can be configured from the settings.

Odoo 16 Point of Sale

The product price will be visible in the order and it includes the tax amount.

Within the receipts, you can observe the total amount, which encompasses the tax amount. The inclusion of tax prices, including VAT, can assist you in adhering to government regulations. In certain countries, displaying tax-inclusive prices on receipts is mandatory.

Moreover, utilizing tax-included prices can facilitate easier price comparisons for consumers across various businesses.

Price Control

The Odoo 16 Point of Sale (PoS) module offers the option to limit price adjustments through the activation of the Price control feature. This feature permits you to confine price modifications exclusively to managers. As a result, ordinary users will be unable to alter product prices within the PoS system. This functionality proves beneficial for businesses seeking to prevent employees from modifying prices.

Point of Sale => Configuration => Settings
Odoo 16 Point of Sale

=> Enable the Price Control

You can observe that the pricing button is enabled here when logged in as Mitchel Admin, who possesses administrator-level access privileges.

Let’s try login with another user.

Here, you’ll notice that the currently logged-in user is Anita Oliver, which is why the price modification button appears disabled. If the logged-in individual holds a managerial role, they can access the product price modification feature by clicking on the price button.

By implementing this approach, you can effectively manage product pricing through the PoS module. This system guarantees that only authorized individuals, typically managers, have the capability to modify prices. Restricting price adjustments to managers minimizes the likelihood of errors, thereby enhancing price accuracy and maximizing profitability.

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