Marketing Automation in Odoo 16

Marketing software empowers small business marketers to achieve their goals efficiently by automating client communications and company processes, all while conserving valuable resources. While it can also be employed for lead generation and attracting new clients, its true strength lies in nurturing existing audiences.

The Odoo 16 Marketing Automation Module serves as a highly effective solution for managing all aspects of marketing campaigns, emails, and leads. It achieves this by implementing specific rules and filters to orchestrate scheduled actions, automating numerous marketing tasks. The Marketing Automation software empowers marketers to create entire campaigns and their various stages within a single, centralized dashboard, eliminating the need for manual creation of each campaign step, a sequence of pre-planned mass email dispatches.


The “Campaigns” menu within the Marketing Automation Module offers a visual overview of all pre-existing campaigns, organized in a Kanban card format.

Marketing Automation in Odoo 16

Campaign details are categorized according to their current status, which includes “New,” “Running,” and “Stopped.” Each campaign preview contains key information such as the Campaign Name, Total Number of Campaigns, Running Campaigns, and Completed Campaigns, indicated as “TOTAL,” “RUNNING,” and “COMPLETED,” respectively. You have the option to switch to the List view format, which displays the content in a list-style layout.

Marketing Automation in Odoo 16

Within the Odoo Marketing Automation system, you can leverage the customizable report management feature to create various multi-dimensional reports that specifically assess the performance of your designed campaigns.

Under the “Reporting” menu of the module, you’ll find three submenus: “Link Tracker,” “Traces,” and “Participants.” These submenus offer insights and data related to the campaigns and their impact.

Marketing Automation in Odoo 16
Link Tracker

The “Link Tracker” functionality is designed to monitor and record user interactions with links to collect valuable data and identify users. Typically, this is achieved through server logs, which track the paths and URLs users click on. The collected information is presented in a standardized format, including details such as the hostname, date, and user name.

In the “Link Statistics” window’s Graph view, you can visualize data using different chart types, such as Bar, Line, and Pie charts. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the reporting parameters by utilizing the “MEASURES” button.

Link Trackers are automatically generated when mailings that include links are delivered. These trackers monitor and record the number of clicks on the links. However, in cases where no links have been sent via email, there won’t be any data available to display in the Link Statistics, resulting in an empty or blank report.


To create a report based on the Document ID and Count, you can utilize the “Traces” menu option. This feature allows you to define and generate reports that provide insights into document-related data and counts.

Marketing Automation in Odoo 16

You have the flexibility to modify the visual presentation of your reports by selecting different graphical representations through the icons located at the top of the page. Additionally, you can utilize the Filter, Group By, and Favorites features to arrange and refine the report views to meet specific needs.


You can efficiently generate a Participants report using the “Participants” menu. This report is created based on the record ID and count of participants.

Configuration => Favorite Filters

Configuration menu offers the ability to create new “Favorite Filters” tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This feature allows you to customize and save filters that you frequently use for your marketing automation tasks.

To create custom filters simply click the “New” button.

These functionalities provided by the Odoo 16 Marketing Automation platform offer valuable tools for automating repetitive tasks, maintaining consistent consumer engagement, and enhancing overall corporate communication.

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