Picking Policies & Shipping Policies in Odoo 16

Policy Setup in Odoo 16 plays a pivotal role in efficient business management, especially when dealing with physical product sales. Picking policies and shipping policies are integral components that provide transparency to customers regarding order processing, picking, packing, and shipping procedures. With a clear policy setup, businesses can contribute to a positive customer experience and minimize disputes, ensuring smooth operations in Odoo 16.

Picking Policies:

=> Order Processing: Explain how orders are received, processed, and prepared for picking. This may include the use of an order management system, order cut-off times, and any additional steps involved.

=> Inventory Management: Detail how your business manages inventory levels and ensures the availability of products for picking. Discuss methods like Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory, safety stock, and regular stock audits.

=> Picking Process: Describe the process of picking items from the inventory to fulfill an order. Include information on how items are located, how pickers are trained, and any quality checks that are performed during picking.

=> Packing: Explain how picked items are prepared for shipment, including the packaging materials used, quality checks, and any special instructions for fragile or sensitive items.

=> Pick Accuracy: State your commitment to picking accuracy and any measures you have in place to minimize picking errors. This may include double-checking orders or using barcode scanners.

=> Order Tracking: Provide information on how customers can track their orders once they have been picked and packed. This might include providing tracking numbers and links to shipping carriers.

Picking Policy Setting
Inventory module =>Configuration menu => Settings =>Operations section => Picking Policy => Save
Policy Setup in Odoo 16

There are two options in the Picking Policy.

Ship Products as soon as available with backorders: This option allows the users to process orders even when the inventory is not in stock. This is useful when the customer orders more quantity of products than what is available in stock.

Ship all Products at Once: The option restricts the user from proceeding with the order when the inventory is not in stock. We can only process the order once the inventory is refilled.

Shipping Policies:

=> Shipping Options: List the different shipping options available to customers, including standard shipping, expedited shipping, and international shipping if applicable.

=> Shipping Costs: Communicate how shipping costs are calculated, whether it’s based on weight, distance, or other factors. Mention any free shipping thresholds if you offer them.

=> Delivery Times: Specify estimated delivery times for each shipping option. Make it clear that delivery times may vary depending on factors like location and order processing times.

=> Shipping Carriers: Indicate which shipping carriers you use for different services, such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, or others. Explain any partnerships or preferences you have with specific carriers.

=> Shipping Restrictions: Highlight any restrictions or limitations on shipping, such as destinations you do not ship to, hazardous materials restrictions, or shipping delays due to holidays or adverse weather conditions.

=> Returns and Refunds: Outline your return and refund policies, including how customers can initiate returns, the conditions for returns, and the timeframe for refunds.

=> Lost or Damaged Packages: Explain the process for handling lost or damaged packages, including how customers should report these issues and how they will be resolved.

=> Customs and Duties (for International Shipping): If you ship internationally, provide information on customs duties, taxes, and any additional charges that may apply to international orders. Make it clear that customers are responsible for these fees.

Shipping Policy Setting
Inventory module =>Configuration menu => Settings =>Shipping section => Delivery Methods => Save
Policy Setup in Odoo 16

We also have the feature to connect to shipping connecter services by enabling the required shipping connectors in the Shipping Connectors section. There are various services like UPS Connector, FedEx Connector, bpost Connector, DHL Express Connector, and so on as you can see from the image above.

Creating a new Shipping Method
Inventory module =>Configuration menu => Shipping Methods => New
Policy Setup in Odoo 16

On selecting the ‘New’ option, we can create a new Shipping method to be configured in the system.

Policy Setup in Odoo 16

In the Shipping method form, we need to enter the Shipping method name, Website, Provider, Company, Delivery Product, Margin on Rate, and also an option to give free orders above a certain amount. If we go to the ‘Pricing’ tab, we can set the fixed price for the shipping. According to the percentage entered in the ‘Margin on Rate’ field, the shipping fee will be increased.

The Destination Availability tab in the shipping policy form allows you to filter delivery carriers according to the delivery address of your customer. It contains options to specify the Countries, States, and Zip Prefixes.

The Description tab in the form allows us to display descriptions on the e-commerce and online quotations and the shipping method details to be included at the bottom of sales orders and their confirmation e-mails. After entering the required details, click on the ‘Save’ option.

Automatic E-mail Confirmation and SMS Confirmation feature
Inventory module =>Configuration menu => Settings =>Shipping section => E-Mail Confirmation/ SMS Confirmation => Save
Policy Setup in Odoo 16

We can also enable the Signature option so that customers can request a signature for the confirmation of delivery. On selecting the SMS Confirmation setting, we can also set a default SMS template for the delivery orders. Now that the confirmation of delivery orders and signature access from customers are activated.

Let’s see how the created shipping method can be added to a quotation!

Sales module => Orders menu => Quotations

Select the required quotation in which you want to add a shipping method.

Click on the ‘Add Shipping’ button at the bottom of the quotation to select the required shipping method for that quotation. Then, a pop-up window appears where we can select the created shipping method from the drop-down in the Shipping Method field and automatically the cost is entered.

In the screenshot above, there is a message that states that the shipping is free since the order amount exceeds 50. This message can be seen if we enable the ‘Free if order amount is above’ field and specify the order amount above which it is free in the shipping method creation form. After selecting the shipping method, click on the ‘Add’ option.

This is how we can configure shipping methods and set up different picking and delivery policies in Odoo. With Infintor Solutions, your trusted Odoo ERP Partners you can explore a vast dimension of features that help your business to grow.

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