Purchase History Feature in Odoo 16

The purchase price history feature in Odoo 16 encompasses a comprehensive log of all product acquisitions made by the company from various vendors. This purchase history serves as a valuable resource for discerning expenditure patterns, assessing vendor reliability, and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of different products. Armed with this information, you can enhance your future procurement decisions. Furthermore, you have the capability to curtail expenses related to these specific products.

Additionally, the purchase history feature aids in identifying vendors with subpar product quality. If you frequently encounter defective or damaged items from a specific supplier, your purchase history becomes a vital tool for recognizing this issue. Subsequently, you can utilize this information to seek out alternative suppliers known for providing higher-quality products.


To access the purchase history for a particular product, click on the “History” button within the purchase order line.

Click on the history icon. The purchase history serves as a useful resource for monitoring expenses, recognizing patterns, and improving purchasing decisions.

Let’s create a new purchase order.

Let’s proceed to review the purchase history for this product. Click on the purchase history button.

Initially, you’ll be able to view a list of previous purchase orders specifically made with the vendor Jeffrey. After removing the filter, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive overview of all purchase orders for this product that have been executed by your company.

Within the list, you can readily observe the total number of purchase orders that have been placed for this product. Additionally, you have access to the unit price of the product for each purchase, along with the quantity procured from each vendor. This meticulous tracking of purchase history empowers your procurement team to discern the most dependable suppliers and the most economically efficient products.

Purchase module offers the convenience of exporting this purchase order history for your records and analysis. Utilizing the download icon, you can export your purchase history list into an Excel sheet.

Additionally, you can review the purchase history directly from the product form.

Products => Products

Open the Product & click on the purchased smart button located inside the More menu.

By clicking the “purchased” smart button, you can view a list of past purchases.

The purchase history feature within Odoo 16 serves as a valuable tool for purchase representatives, aiding them in monitoring expenditures, recognizing patterns, and enhancing their purchasing choices.

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