Repair Module in Odoo 16

Odoo Repair module, a powerful tool designed to facilitate product repair and damage prevention. This module offers valuable features for managing product documentation and repair processes efficiently, enhancing the ability to promptly and accurately address product repairs to maintain the company’s assets in excellent condition.

Repair Module in Odoo 16

Opening the repair module you’ll see a roster of Repair requests that have been generated before. This list presents details like Repair Reference, Scheduled Date, and Customer Information, among others.

Creating Repair Orders

Click on the “New” button.

Repair Module in Odoo 16

When adding a repair order, remember to include a detailed description of the repair, specify the product along with the quantity required for the repair, and indicate the customer who provided the item for repair. Additionally, you have the option to link the repair order to a sale order or a return order. The information within a repair order should be organized in the following sequence: Repair Scheduled Date, Responsible Name, Location, Company Name, and Warranty Expiration Date. It’s worth noting that a repair order offers three distinct invoicing methods – No Invoice, Before Repair, and After Repair.

Users have the flexibility to include or remove components for the repair process via the Parts tab. Additionally, on the Operation tab, users can append a service product to an invoice. Detailed information about the repair is accessible under the Extra Info tab, where users can also input notes related to repairs and quotations.

Invoice methods – No Invoice
Repair Module in Odoo 16

Users can send the Repair Order quotation to the customer. To initiate this action, simply choose “Send Quotation” from the menu.

Once you’ve confirmed the order for repairs, the next step is to proceed with the repair process. Users can do this by clicking the “Start Repair” button.

Repair Module in Odoo 16

Subsequently, when the repair process is initiated by clicking the “Start Repair” button, the status of the order will transition to “Under Repair.”

To complete the repair, simply click the “End Repair” button.

You can view the inventory move associated with the repair by clicking on the smart button. This move reflects that the product was temporarily taken from its original location for repair and subsequently returned to its initial position.

Invoice methods – Before Repair

Here, the consumer has already paid for the repair costs, signifying their commitment to covering the repair expenses. “Before Invoice” signifies that the user will not commence the repair process until the invoice has been generated and settled.

To illustrate, you can create a new order, provide a detailed description, and specify the product along with its quantity. The chosen invoice method is “Before Invoice.” Additionally, you have the option to select a price list. Furthermore, a service product designed for service charges can be added within the Operation tab.

Repair Module in Odoo 16

Before starting the repair process, the user must create an invoice. Click on the Confirm Repair button. The order is now changed to the “To Be Invoiced” status. You can create an invoice by clicking the “Create Invoice” button.

A smart tab labeled “Invoices” is created and then proceed with the repair process or review the invoice to confirm.

Once the invoice is confirmed, go back to the Repair order and initiate the repair. You can utilize the ‘END REPAIR’ button to finalize the repair procedure.

Invoice methods – After Repair

When opting for the “After Invoice” invoice type, the customer will receive the invoice only after the repair process has been successfully concluded.

Similarly, confirm the repair and start the repair.

By clicking the “End Repair” button, you will conclude the repair process once it has been finalized.

Next, create the invoice, and an invoice smart button will become visible. To confirm the invoice, simply click on it. Subsequently, the status will be updated once more to “Repaired.”

The Odoo repair module simplifies the entire workflow, starting from repair requests to their fulfillment, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and delivering top-notch service to customers.

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