Sales Analysis through Odoo 16 Website module

Sales analysis is an ongoing process that helps businesses make data-driven decisions, adapt to market changes, and continuously improve their sales strategies to achieve their goals. It plays a crucial role in driving revenue growth and enhancing competitiveness in the marketplace. By analyzing the behavior of customers on the website, develop actionable insights and recommendations for improving sales performance. This may include adjusting pricing strategies, refining marketing campaigns, optimizing product offerings, or enhancing the sales process.

Odoo 16 has a feature that enables users to track and create reports regarding the details of visitors and their behavior on the company’s website which helps businesses to make data-driven informed decisions. It also helps to evaluate the performance of individual products or services, including their sales, profitability, and contribution to overall revenue. For online businesses, most of the sales are done through the e-commerce website of the company. So, keeping track of useful data from the e-commerce sight is an effective strategy for optimizing operations and increasing sales.

If you want to analyze the performance of your e-commerce website. Go to the ‘E-Commerce’ dashboard in the ‘Reporting’ menu of the ‘Website’ module.

Odoo 16 Website module

The dashboard here shows the graph of the number of confirmed orders in September. We can use different filters according to the required data that we use for analysis.

Odoo 16 Website module

The dashboard also provides a ‘Comparison’ option in which we can compare the data with previous data. In the below example, we are going to compare the number of confirmed orders in September with that of the number of confirmed orders in September of the previous year.

Odoo 16 Website module

Another option is to use the ‘Group By’ option to view reports based on a specific category of product, customer, month, year, customer country, status and so on. You can even create a custom group by selecting the ‘Add Custom Group’ option, selecting the required group, and clicking on the ‘Apply’ button.

Odoo 16 Website module

We also have the option to view the report in different forms such as Bar chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Stacked graph, Cumulative graph, and Pivot table in ascending and descending order. If we want to change the measure used in the chart, we can easily select the required measure by clicking on the ‘Measures’ and selecting the required measure from the drop-down list.

Odoo 16 Website module

Now, we can do a Sales Analysis on the Odoo 16 website. For that, select the ‘Online Sales’ option in the ‘Reporting’ menu of the ‘Website’ module.

On the above page, we can see the quantity of products ordered in August and September. This can be changed to other measures like Discount percentage, Count, Discount amount, Quantity invoiced, Quantity delivered, Gross weight, Volume, Untaxed amount invoiced, Untaxed amount to Invoice, Untaxed total, Margin and Total. You can also use filters, group by, and different views according to your preference as discussed before.

The Reporting menu also has features such as ‘Visitors’ and ‘Page Views’.

The Visitors page records the details of the actions of visitors on the website such as the time of visit, number of visits, the page visited, number of visited pages in the website, lead or opportunity, and chats. The page allows the users to directly chat with the visitors of the site.

Website module => Reporting menu => Visitors

The Page Views option allows the user to view the recorded information regarding the visitor, page viewed, URL, product, and the visit date along with time.

Website module => Reporting menu => Page Views

This is how Odoo keeps track of the actions that take place on your website and gives you valuable insights regarding the customer’s preferences, improvement areas, and measuring sales.

As an Official Partner of Odoo, we support E-commerce businesses through various features in Odoo that can be used to engage with your customers, understand their behavior, and provide the required products or services at the right time thus increasing the revenue of your company.

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