Security Lead Time for Sales in Odoo 16

Security Lead Time in Odoo 16 is crucial for Sales, encompassing the duration from order placement to product delivery. Businesses can set lead times, vital for inventory management and meeting customer expectations. Exceptional customer service hinges on precise planning of tasks like manufacturing orders, deliveries, and receptions. Accurate lead time establishment and scheduling are pivotal for achieving this objective with Sales in Odoo 16.

Security Lead Time ensure that products are ready for shipping a few days before the committed customer delivery date. By allowing for potential unexpected delays, it guarantees on-time delivery to customers. Users can activate this feature by accessing the Settings.

Inventory => Configurations => Settings
Sales in Odoo 16

To activate the “Security Lead Time for Sales” feature, and then specify the number of days in the “Move forward expected delivery dates by” field. The purpose of this feature is to ensure that the product is prepared for shipment a few days before the customer’s actual delivery commitment. By deducting the security lead time from the recently provided expected delivery date, the default planned date for the delivery order is automatically generated.

Security Lead Time in Sales

Let’s create a sales quotation and see how the Security Lead Time functions.

Go to Sales
Sales in Odoo 16

Once the order is confirmed, the form view will show the “order Date,” and a “Delivery” smart button will appear.

Opening the delivery tab, as the Security Lead Time has been configured for 2 days, the form view will showcase the Actual Delivery Date, which is 10/12/2023, within the “Deadline” field. In the “Scheduled Date” field, you will notice that the delivery has been scheduled exactly 2 days from the order date.

It ensures that the expectations you set are met and that the products they order arrive when promised.

To streamline and master lead times for sales in your business, reach out to us today for Odoo implementation. Let’s deliver on your commitments and exceed your customers’ expectations.

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