Setting Privacy Rules with Project Visibility

While creating a new project in Odoo, you have the option to limit the project’s visibility to specific users for keeping data safe. The privacy policy of the Project defines whether the project is visible to all users or just followers. You can keep customers trust by ensuring that the invoiced project is completely secure.¬† Odoo always ensures that efficient tools are available for the user’s needs. An important part of project management is Setting Privacy Rules and ensuring the security of the project.

Open the Project module and select the projects from the configuration menu. Then create a new project by selecting the create option.

Project creation

Specify the project name, task name, customer information, tags, project manager, project planned date to start and finish, and company. Under the description tab, the details of the new project can be mentioned.

Setting Privacy Rules with Project Visibility

Under the settings tab, you can define the privacy of the project. There are three options available to set the Visibility of a project.

  • Invited employees
  • All employees
  • Invited portal users and all employees

Invited employees

When you select the Invited Employees option, only the invited users are allowed to see the project.  You can set the employees who are interested in following this project and its tasks. The project and task can also be viewed and edited by them.

Setting Privacy with Project Visibility Setting privacy rules in Odoo

You can see the list of the project followers. This list can be added and removed by the project manager. New followers can be added by using the Add Followers option. After clicking the add followers option a new window appears to add the recipients.

Setting Privacy with Project Visibility Setting privacy rules in Odoo

This option allows you to invite followers to follow your project and examine the activities.

All employees

When the Visibility is selected as all employees. Then all employees have the access to the project and tasks. Any employee can then view and edit the project without following it.

Invited portal users and all employees

If you want to give access to both invited portal users and all employees in your company to view the project and tasks, select the Invited portal users and all employee option in the Visibility field.

This is how privacy rules for projects and tasks are managed. Odoo protects all confidential projects and data from unauthorized users with the help of this privacy protection method. You can submit an invoice to the appropriate authorities without worrying about data loss or unwanted activity.

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