Signing Documents through Odoo16

Odoo Sign utilizes electronic signatures to facilitate the electronic submission, signing, and approval of documents. This user-friendly platform simplifies the creation of contracts, the initiation of signature requests, and the tracking of document statuses. Users can easily upload any PDF document to Odoo Sign and incorporate additional fields as needed. Information about individuals in your database is automatically populated into these fields, streamlining the process of document preparation.

Signing Documents through Odoo16
Accessing the Sign there are several options:

=> Upload a PDF to Sign: To initiate the process of signing a PDF document, click the “UPLOAD A PDF TO SIGN” button. This allows you to select and upload a PDF file from your device.

=> Upload a PDF Template: If you wish to upload document templates, use the “UPLOAD A PDF TEMPLATE” button. This enables you to upload predefined document templates from your device.

=> SEND: This button allows you to send the document for signatures.

=> SIGN NOW: Clicking this button initiates the signing process.

=> SHARE: Use this button to share the document.


The Documents menu offers three distinct menu items: “All Documents,” “Waiting For Me,” and “My Requests.” These functions enable users to effectively handle, upload, and sign their documents.

Signing Documents through Odoo16
All Documents

This section serves as a comprehensive repository where users can monitor and manage all the documents they have dispatched for signatures. It provides an overview of the entire document history, including those that have been sent and those that have already been signed.

Using the “UPLOAD A PDF TO SIGN” option, you can easily upload a new document directly. The filters available on the left side of the Document window allow you to categorize and organize your documents based on their status and associated tags. Upon uploading the document, you will notice the fields displayed on the left side.

Signing Documents through Odoo16

These fields can be easily positioned wherever necessary within the documents by drag-and-drop process.

Signing Documents through Odoo16

After selecting the fields, you have the flexibility to change the “filled by” field, allowing you to assign different individuals or parties to fill in the specified information as needed.

Signing Documents through Odoo16

Send For Signature

Click on the send button and enter the email of the responsible, and they will get a notification through mail to sign the document.

Upon receiving the email notification, the user can sign the document. To initiate this process, they should click on the “Sign the Document” button within the email.

When signing the document, users have several options:

=> Auto-Generated Signature

=> Draw a Signature

=> Load a Signature

After selecting the preferred method, users should click on the “Sign” button. If there are multiple locations within the document that require the same signature, there is also an option to expedite the process by clicking “Sign All” instead. This efficiently updates the signature in all relevant places.

Waiting For Me

Under the “Waiting For Me” menu section, you will find documents that are awaiting your signature. You can review these documents, apply your signature, and subsequently send them to the relevant individuals as necessary.

My Requests

In the “My Requests” section, you can monitor the status of documents that are pending the signature of another individual. Here, you can keep track of the progress and completion of documents that require someone else’s signature.

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