Timesheets in Project Management

Odoo’s Project Management module is connected with the Timesheet module, which helps to record how much time each employee spends on specific projects and tasks. You will be able to generate precise reports on the project’s time distribution. Time recording is an essential function in business operations since it serves as a foundation for scheduling tasks. Before starting a new project, you need to have a solid understanding of how time will be distributed across many tasks. Keeping track of the time spent on each task will allow you to assess the project’s progress. In project management, time tracking refers to the systematic planning of the entire project.

Configuration => Settings
Timesheets in Project Management

From the settings page activate the Timesheets option.

Opening the projects menu create a new project by selecting the create option.


After clicking the create button you will be directed to add the name of the project and here the timesheet option is activated.

Project creation

Now click on the create button. This will take you to another page to add different stages. Various stages help us to keep track of the project’s development.

New project creation

After adding the stages, the next step is to create a task for the project. Add the task title, assignees and additional details can be added by selecting the edit option.

Project Task

Under the timesheets tab, enter the estimated time that is needed to accomplish the task in the Initially Planned Hours field. Using the Add a Line option, you can provide the details like Date, Employee, Description, and Hours Spent on the task.

Timesheets in Project

The progress of the task is displayed in % according to the record of tracked time. The Start button is used for recording the time spent on the task.

Timesheets of each task

At the top we have the stop and pause option available for the timer. Click the Stop button when you have finished the work then a confirmation page appears to record the time spent on the current task.

Time spent on Task

By selecting the Save button; you can confirm the time spent, which will be added to the task’s timesheet. This is how we keep track of task time.

Back to the projects dashboard. By clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of each project, you can see the options for viewing project activities and the reports.

Projects reports Timesheets in Project Management

By selecting the timesheets under the view option all the timesheets records of the respective project can be seen.

Timesheets in Project

Under the reporting, the timesheets and planning analysis shows the analytical information on the Planned Hours, Effective Hours, and Remaining Hours of the projects.

Timesheets and planning analysis

Timesheets can be viewed in Bar charts, Line charts, and Pie charts using the Graphical view. One of the most important tasks in project management is linking timesheets to projects. Timesheets for each task can be easily tracked in an organized manner.

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